LELO Soraya 2 vibrator unboxing: “Ohhhh”-some Sex Toy Ever / LELO Soraya 2 情趣按摩棒開箱體驗文(含影片)

LELO Soraya 2 vibrator unboxing: no more BS hour-long foreplay. 20 minutes of charging lasts you twice the orgasm, so let’s get down to business and DIY, because we are all“independent women.” LELO Soraya 2 has a sleek luxurious design that looks like a piece of art from Beverly Hills, no more embarrassing moments when you invite friends over!
LELO Soraya 2 按摩棒情趣用品開箱影片:甩掉家中沒用的老二!充電20分鐘潮吹2次,自己來最享「頌」(台語「爽」)

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