Aladdin “A Small New World” – COVID-19 version by Tanya Hsu

Since I’m Still practicing social Distancing at home. Here’s an Aladdin’s “A Whole New World’ song with COVID-19 lyrics version that was rewritten by me, I’m tone-deaf so enjoy watching my voice crack!
然殘編還在家裡防疫進行「社交距離」。這週將迪士尼阿拉丁中我最愛的主題曲「A Whole New World」的歌詞重寫的COVID-19時尚高潮KUSO版本,我是音癡,如果我的破音&五音不全有讓你笑

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小美人魚 「Part of Your World」殘編冠狀病毒KUSO版歌詞 /  “Part of Your World – COVID-19 Funny #StayHome version”

新型冠狀病毒防疫期間殘編不鼓勵大家出門,只好在家當小丑娛樂大家。作詞作出迪士尼的小美人魚卡通中最觸動我心的主題曲「Part of Your World 」的防疫KUSO版
During the COVID-19 #StayHome pandemic, I decide to play the clown for your entertainment. I rewrote the lyrics of “Part of Your World” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” into a funny version dedicated to COVID-19, enjoy

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2020 Canadian International AutoShow CIAS20 – 2020年加拿大國際車展CIAS20

2020 Canadian International AutoShow CIAS20 showcases over 1000 vehicles from Top Luxury Brands and Winning Race Cars / 2020年加拿大國際車展CIAS20展出超過1000輛名車超跑和獲獎的賽車

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