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殘編皮秒雷射醫美微整形體驗跟效果分享 / My Picoway Pico Laser Treatment Experience and Review – The Latest in Non-invasive Cosmetic Surgery

醫美最新的皮秒雷射聽說效果比以往其他雷射都好,恢復期也幾乎是零,到底是真是假?皮秒雷射又是什麼?時尚高潮殘編帶你體驗揭發去!Pico Laser (picosecond laser) is the latest technology in cosmetic laser, it is said to be way more effective and with no downtime compared to other beauty laser treatments on the market! We tried Picoway’s Pico laser treatment here’s the verdict with our Youtube video to walk you through the whole process!

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