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Twiggy 熱蠟修眉全 & 繡眼線補色(二訪)全紀錄 Twiggy Taipei Eyeliner Tattoo Second Session +Eyebrow Waxing!

(scroll down for English/英文版向下看) 殘編繡眼線不知不覺已經過一個月,前幾天 Twiggy店家貼心提醒去補色。這次殘編不只繡眼線,還嘗試了TWIGGY的熱蠟除毛! 先看影片全紀錄: It’s been a month since my first eyeliner tattoo experience! I received a kind reminder a few days ago from Twiggy to go back for a touchup. In addition to eyeliner tattoo, I also tried eyebrow waxing this time! Watch our video first: 先看繡眼線紀錄 (Let’s Talk About Eyeliner […]

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