Shanri-La Taipei’s “A Culinary Journey to Canada” Event Features Buffet with Canadian Lobsters and Beef

香格里拉遠東 Cafe「加拿大美食嘉年華」活動只到年四月日,想大口吃龍蝦或是跟殘編一樣在台灣想的加拿大人快把握最後機會吃起來!
Shangri-La Taipei’s Cafe at Far Eastern’s”A Culinary Journey to Canada” event only runs until April 5, 2021. Those who crave legit lobsters or want homesick Canadians in Taiwan just like me, grab your last chance before it ends!

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-:台北101當背景的高樓環繞景觀餐廳,網美網紅的最佳打卡聖地 Shangri-La Taipei &#821 […]

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