Toronto singer-songwriter Astrid Tanton is on the rise

Toronto singer-songwriter Astrid Tanton interview.
Toronto singer-songwriter Astrid Tanton is on the rise.
“I have diaries where I wrote songs when I was 7,” says Astrid.

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Interview with Canadian Actor John Kapelos 加拿大演員約翰・凱勒斯(早餐俱樂部)專訪

Interview with John Kapelos – September, 2019 at Luma, […]

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Wayne Chen, Interlapse Technologies & Coincurve CEO : “Cryptocurrency is Here to Stay”

Wayne Chen, CEO of Interlapse Technologies introduces Coincurve, is a new platform that allows consumers to easily purchase Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in in small amounts from $20.
cryptocurrency is here to stay!

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阿薩德中東舞團:《我意識裡的怪癖》觀後感想與團長邵震宇老師訪談 / Review: Asad Oriental Dance – A Strangeness in my Mind A Different kind of Middle Eastern Dance

阿薩德中東舞團:《我意識裡的怪癖》觀後感想與團長邵震宇老師訪談 / Review: Asad Oriental […]

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BUFFER FESTIVAL 2018 Toronto: LGBTQ & Sexuality

中文版點下面連結(Click here for Chinese version): 多倫多YouTube網絡視 […]

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