RAW Design Party 2016 – RAW SHIFT

RAW Design Architecture Studio Party 2016 – RAW Shift Toronto-based architecture studio RAW Design just celebrated their 9th annual party last Thursday, on June 23, 2016, and it was awesome! Every year RAW has a new theme and concept, from RAW ENERGY (2013), to RAW MATERIAL (2014), to RAW CANVAS (2015), and this year as […]

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RAW Canvas Party Suspends Giant 2,000 sf Canvas from Construction Rig

RAW architecture held their annual design event at a construction site at Queens Quay E. and Jarvis and this year’s theme, “RAW Canvas” was all about art. Toronto artists such as Courtney Thompson, Robert Bentley, Corrinna Okura, and Buck Teeth Girls Club (Andrea Manica & Melissa Luk) took over the industrial warehouse with their own […]

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RAW Material Architecture Bash at Planet Storage – Storage Locker 3202

We were given the invitation to attend RAW Design‘s 7th annual celebration entitled “RAW MATERIAL” at Planet Storage and we had no idea what to expect. A party at a storage locker? This was going to be very different. We were extremely delighted when we arrived at the top floor to see the most incredible […]

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