Atout France 法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署所推薦的迪奧(Dior)和諾曼底珠寶首飾(Normandy Jewels)時尚法國旅行程 / Destination France- Dior and Normandy Jewels Itinerary

Destination France- Dior and Normandy Jewels / Atout France 法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署所推薦的迪奧(Dior)和諾曼底珠寶首飾(Normandy Jewels)時尚/法國旅行程 (中文版向下看 / Scroll down for Chinese version) (Chinese translation by Tanya / 中譯:殘編) In light of the global pandemic, Atout France Canada took its annual travel show, Destination France, and changed its format to a virtual, four-day-long conference. From February 22nd to the 25th, 2021, tour […]

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A Journey to Nantes: An Enchanting Renaissance City in France’s Loire-Atlantique Département / 法國南特市 / Atout France法國旅遊發展署推薦充滿文化歷史的觀光城市

Nantes offers so much for travelers to see and explore! Time to plan my next trip to deep travel in France!

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Travel Bahrain- An Inspiring Tiny Destination with So Much to See

深度旅遊遊記:巴林麻雀雖小,五臟俱全 / Deep Travel Blog: Bahrain -Bahrain, A Tiny Country with So Much to See

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Atout France Destination France 2020 tradeshow and Award ceremony – 法國目的地風土-Atout France法國2020年法國觀光旅遊貿易展覽和頒獎典禮-一塊發現不完的迷人土地。

Destination France Terroirs – Atout France Destination France 2020 tradeshow and Award ceremony — a land of Abundance with Plenty to Discover. Read Fashion Ecstasy’s travel guide for all kinds of travellers!
Atout France法國2020年法國觀光旅遊貿易展覽和頒獎典禮-一塊發現不完的迷人土地。

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Travel  Bermuda – Always in Season #gotobermuda – 百慕達觀光四季皆宜的度假天堂

百慕達觀光四季皆宜的大西洋海島度假天堂 / Travel  Bermuda – Always in Season, fresh seafood, beeachlife activities and luxury hotels and resorts. #gotobermuda

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殘媽小窗 : 關渡醫院繞一圈 -充滿鄉下傳統人情味,不一樣的台北 A Tour Around Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau ( Guandu) Hospital, Beitou – Where Traditional Taiwanese Friendliness Remains

時尚高潮殘媽殘編遊關渡醫院周遭一圈-充滿鄉下傳統人情味不一樣的台北 A Tour Around Taipei Gan-Dau ( Guandu ) Hospital, Beitou, where local Traditional Taiwanese street food, markets and friendliness remains

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殘媽 &殘編的台北捷運景美站吃喝玩樂 – 老弱婦孺懶人包 – Taipei Jingmei MRT Station – An Accessible Guide for The Elderly and People with Disabilities

Life around Taipei Jingmei MRT Station – The “accessible guide” for the elderly & people with disabilities without breaking the bank!

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Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Media Day in Toronto

Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) hosts Media Day in Toronto
Thinking of travelling to the Caribbean? Here’s what’s happening and all you need to know about the latest news and trend in the Carribean travel/tourism industry!

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Stratford #nextgen Chefs: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Stratford Culinary Guide

Savour Stratford Culinary Guide #nextgen chef Launch (Photo credit Terry Manzo) Unbeknownst to many, the city of Stratford, Ontario has an exciting food scene. For locals and visitors, the Stratford Culinary Guide is the go-to guidebook for navigating the city’s crop of hip restaurants, food tours, artisans, breweries, and distilleries. What better way to celebrate […]

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