California Frozen MINI PIZZA – The World’s Best Frozen Pizza Open Box Review

加州迷你披薩的冷凍比薩開箱試吃總評價 / California Frozen MINI PIZZA Open Box Review:
Rather than calling itself the “LV of the frozen pizza world,” I think it is more appropriate to name it “The Michelin-3-star level frozen pizza!”

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Taste Niagara USA Side “Up Close and Savory”

#TasteNiagara,  “Up Close and Savory” We were invited to tour Niagara, USA side and experience #TasteNiagara for a weekend, an area that we had not visited previously. We were eager to learn what the area had to offer. Friday evening we started off with dinner at Savor restaurant, which is part of the Niagara Falls Culinary […]

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