Travel-A Thrill Seekers Guide to New Zealand

Recently awarded as a top destination in the Telegraph Travel awards, New Zealand offers a bucket of options to travellers and the award is recognition of its vast tourism potentials. Romantic souls, nature lovers, museums hoppers, sports enthusiasts and adventurous souls are all admirers of New Zealand. As a destination, New Zealand is so perfect that you might think that God has created this country only for tourism. New Zealand offers a beautiful setting for young hearts to fall in love, nature lovers to see the scenery beyond their imagination and adventure seekers to challenge their guts. Every year a large number of British nationals book tickets to Auckland from London to explore adventure options New Zealand has to offer. Here we turn spotlight on what this amazing country holds for adventurous souls.

Travel New Zealand Rotorua Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Bungee Jumping

Since the set up of New Zealand‘s first commercial bungee operation by AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch in 1980’s, the country has emerged as a great destination for bungee jumping. The country is strewn with bridges, climbs, rail viaducts, edge of cliffs, and stadium roofs from where you can take a leap. Master your acrophobia and take a leap from Nevis Highwire bungee jumping platform, which is around 130 metres high. Auckland Harbour Bridge could also be a great platform for bungee jumpers.

Apart from being a hot destination for bungy jumping, New Zealand also offers great options for those whose interest lies in caving. Cavers always put Waitomo in high esteem, but there are several destinations scattered throughout the country where a great caving experience can be had. Caves in New Zealand throw a challenge to experience cavers, but there are also good options for first timers. Guided caving options are available in the South Island.

If skydiving puts you on adrenaline rush then New Zealand is your destination to be. Imagine the thrill of seeing the beautiful landscape from a height of thousand feet. The whole experience is amazing and heart stopping. You can skydive in Lake Wanaka or Queenstown. There are several skydivers across the country whose services can be availed.

Tame the troubled waters while rafting in New Zealand. The ride takes you through the forests and even hinterlands while you are enjoying a rafting experience at one of the several fast flowing rivers. Whether you are looking for a rafting experience in tranquil waters or want to play with thunderous, New Zealand is an ideal place to fulfil your passion. Most of the rafting destinations in North islands are situated around central east coast areas of the Bay of Plenty and Hawke’s Bay. Those visiting the south island can have a great rafting experience at resort town of Queenstown, Christchurch and on the West Coast.

jet boating in new zealand
jet boating

Jet Boating
Jet Boating is an activity that attracts people of all ages and fitness. You just need to sit back, fasten your seat belts and press the accelerator. Guests can explore river gorges and fast flowing rivers while Jet Boating. Adventurers can have some of the best boating experiences near Queenstown and Canterbury.

Besides being a country blessed with natural beauty, New Zealand is also known for its adventure activities. Here we list some of the exciting world cup cricket Venues in New Zealand.


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