玫瑰城的記憶 – Travel – Petra, Jordan – the Seven Wonders of The World 時尚高潮旅遊記 約旦貝特拉玫瑰城 世界七大奇景

玫瑰城的記憶 – Travel – Petra, Jordan – the Seven Wonders of The World 時尚高潮旅遊記 約旦貝特拉玫瑰城 世界七大奇景


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English Version / 英文版:
225 kilometers south of Jordan‘s capital Amman is the city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a destination where, once visited, would remain a lifelong lasting memory. The structures rose-colored mountain rocks make Petra as known as the ‘Rose City.’

  • 這座偉大的石頭城建築師是阿拉伯人的一支–納巴特人。納巴特人在公元


English Version / 英文版:
The architect of this magnificent stone city is a group of Arabs-Nabataeans who might have settled in dating back to as early as the second century BC. The Nabateans built the “Kingdom of Nabat,” which territory extended from Damascus to today’s Al Ula in western Saudi Arabia. They spoke Arabic but used the ancient Semitic language for writing because the Arabic characters in writing did not develop until the fourth century.

  • 納巴特人擅長於大型石雕,整座城市的住屋、廟宇、劇場、水渠、墳墓…


English Version / 英文版:
The Nabateans were some of the greatest architects of the ancient world, and are primarily known for large-scale stone carvings. The whole city, including its temples, tombs, and more, are carved out of stones.

  • 我們抵達貝特拉城的主要出口,這條兩邊是高聳峭壁的通道總長1200公


English Version / 英文版:
We arrive at the main exit of the city of Petra. The 1200-meters path is surrounded by a split rock with a width of 3-12 meters, and height up to about 80 meters on both sides, which The Arabs call “The Siq.” We chose to ride horses into the passage from the entrance, whereas the locals usually opt for donkeys or camels. First time or amateur tourists usually tour on foot or ride in horse-drawn carriages.

  • 阿拉伯馬世界聞名,頭長而小、鼻孔大、額寬、胸大、尾巴翹、身體精


English Version / 英文版:
Arabian horses are world-renowned, with They have smaller heads, pointed ears, and long, graceful neck broader chests, pointier tails, and lean bodies. Since ancient times, they have been warriors on the Arab battlefields. Growing up in the desert makes them stronger, smarter, and faster than other horses in the world. They can endure high temperatures, hunger, and thirst. They may be shorter in height, but they are faster in speed. Their swaying tails, along with the rhythm when they run, compose them into beautiful melodies. The Bedouins value their pedigree, making horses not just a tool for transportation but also a genuine friend.

  • 我選擇了一隻跟我身高幾乎相同的棕色馬。馬僮牽著馬剛起步向前走,朋


English Version / 英文版:
My horse is a brown one about my height. The stableboy guided us for a head start. My friend had something to say, but he was not familiar with horses and got kicked in the knee when he tried to catch up running after us. The injury took a whole year to recover.
Although it was not the best start, as soon as we entered The Siq, the wonders of nature completely took over our minds. This pathway was mostly narrow, and the cliffs on both sides completely block off the sunlight. Reaching the end of the passage is the magnificent Al-Khazneh Temple. The elaborate temple has two floors, stone sculptures of goddesses, guardians, and eagles a. The top floor has stone sculptures shaped like treasure urns. In Arabic, “Al-Khazneh” means “The Treasury.” “Al-Khazneh” was named by the Bedouins in the area, who had believed the temple contained treasures. Also, because of this legend, Petra was not opened to outsiders in ancient times.

  • 我們再繼續往裡面走,是一片寬闊的岩石區,岩石山呈玫瑰色,岩石有各種


English Version / 英文版:
As we continued to walk inside, we arrived at a vast rocky area; the majestic rocky mountain is naturally-colored in different shades of rose, and shaped in wavy patterns, making it one of the most beautiful places on earth. I saw some incomprehensible carved text on the rocks that left me wondering what the conversations between people two thousand years ago were.
Another eye-catcher is the al-Dayr (monastery), which is 50 meters in width and height, more extensive than the temple, and also has two floors. The Arabs say that the statues’ heads here rotate. When the Byzantine Empire ruled over the region of Greater Syria, this hall was reused as a church, hence the incised crosses carved into the wall on the ground floor.

  • 同樣在公元前一世紀雕出的岩石建築是名為「法老女兒宮」的納巴特人廟


English Version / 英文版:
Also carved in the first century of BC, is a Nabataean temple named Qasr al-Bint Fir’aun (“the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter”). Many studies and researches have been done on the deity to whom the temple worshiped. However, the truth remains a mystery.

  • 這座城裡還有許多宏偉的建築,譬如岩石雕塑出來的劇場,可以容納一萬


English Version / 英文版:
There are too many fascinating structures and wonders in the city to explore in one day, such as Petra Theater made of rock sculptures, which can accommodate ten thousand people. Facing the theater is a 2-story court. This building was originally the tomb of Nabataean Kings. The Romans changed it to a church in the fifth century, so some buildings have been changed.
After an eventful and mind-blowing day of wonders on a hot summer day, we took shelter under a Bedouin tent. Hundreds of Bedouins resided there and survived on tourism. However, what is more important to them is to protect the city that had once been destroyed by an earthquake.

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