True Stock Studios – Quality gorgeous Handmade Carved wooden art and holiday decorations inspired by the good vibrations of life

True Stock Studios – makers of gorgeous and fun handmade carved wooden art and holiday decorations inspired by the seasons and the good vibrations of life.


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True Stock Studios – 帶來正能量、適合各個季節、自家收藏、送禮兩相宜的典雅手工木雕藝術

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    As most of our readers may know, I’ve only moved to a new apartment in Tamsui, New Taipei City from what I call the “jungle Taipei” – Jingmei. While I absolutely enjoy being close to nature and the waters, the bland pieces of walls in our bedrooms just make this new place a bit “blah” again. I’ve always loved creating art since little. Besides the first painting I created after my stroke with my non-dominant hand of a sea turtle( my favourite animal). I’ve painted a few other acrylic artworks over the years, which I’ve shown you in my blog on Show 233 Paint Studio. But if you know how hard it is to work with acrylic paint, you’d give me a pass for leaving them to look “unfinished.” You all know I like classy stuff. I believe in quality over quantity, always. And when it comes to art, flat art just lacks that touch of quality.

    Pictures speak louder than words, let me show you the differences:

    Hence, instead of hanging my paintings up on my walls, I store them in my closet in my treasure box along with my old photos and cards. My mom has always appreciated my art since I was little. While we all know it’s just because I’m her daughter. But she could easily be the only Asian parent in history that has encouraged her kid to grow up to become a poor artist. Now, look at me. I guess we all need to start keeping the saying, ” Be careful what you wish for” in mind. When we first moved in, my mom told me she thought the piece of wall behind her bed looked bland. “If only there were a nice piece of painting I can hang on the wall,” she said. I knew it was a hint for me to create a massive masterpiece that could occupy her wall. But my last 11″ x 16″ (30 × 40 cm) painting not only cost me a whole day to paint but also gave me an entire month of backpain. Staying home due to the pandemic doesn’t help either. It’s been over a year since we moved to Tamsui; being unable to deliver has always been guilt deep down my heart until this day.

    I’m a hopeless romantic; I enjoy giving surprises on all occasions. However, I’ve learned from my lesson back in Mother’s Day when I purchased yet another BS product from TikTok Ads, a piece of jewelry that cost me over 1 or 2 thousand dollars TWD and turned out to be made of plastic. On average, a pair of 925 sterling silver earrings cost about $390 in Taiwan ($14 USD) and a ring about $190 (around $7 USD). It turned out to be a disaster because I forgot that my mom had “fancy metal allergies” and could only wear real gold or silver jewellery. Since I was at fault for negligence, it didn’t break my heart to find the piece of “garbage” I bought with my hard-earned money actually ending up in the “garbage can” the very next morning. Filled with guilt and remorse, I went out to an actual jeweller to purchase a piece of 24k gold brooch for the next occasion, Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi) in August. When it comes to gifting, I always plan ahead. However, I forgot my brains are defected and planned way too early ahead. When I tried to look for that gold brooch as Qixi Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve already forgotten where I’d hid it.

    Coincidently and luckily enough, as I was anguishing over last-minute gift ideas and how to get another acceptable gift in such a short time, True Stocks Studio reached out to me. True Stocks Studio makes carved wooden art and holiday decorations inspired by good and positive vibes. Wasn’t this what my mom wanted since we first move here? A piece of art to her bland wall. Plus, our furniture is mainly made of wood. This made the perfect gift! Plus, With enough COVID BS on this island, we can all use some good vibes and positivity to fight the negativity. My mom is a successful woman with a successful career her whole life. So it’s only fair that she appreciated the finer things in life like jewelry. But this entire COVID changed both of us. With all our lives at risk, who cares about “things” anymore? We both stopped being materialistic. So a piece of meaningful art outwins a piece of worldly jewellery.

    While shopping on True Stock, I also found a sea turtle piece. Pictures speak louder than words. Let me show you the difference between “flat art and carved art

    • True Stock Studio’s Mission / True Stock Studio 的使命::

    As all our fans are familiar, we promote charitable businesses and events that bring good and give back to the world. I’m a philanthropist at heart. True Stock shares the same vision and donates a portion of their sales to “customer-chosen” charitable organizations like Black Lives Matter, Unicef, Feeding America and more. You read that right. When purchasing from True Stock Studios, you get to participate in making a positive impact in this chaotic world. With the Chinese Moon Festival being just around the corner, instead of bringing fatty mooncakes that sabotage your family’s health, how about some love and positive vibes for this year’s family reunion?

    Excellent customer service, Safe Packaging and Speedy International Shipping:

    Once your order is placed, True Stock Studios sends you a confirmation email with your order. Customers receive another email once the order has been shipped with a UPS tracking number. Shipping internationally all the way from the US to Taiwan took less than a week. What impresses me the most is the day I received my order, Jason Schickerling, owner of True Stock Studios, personally sent me a follow-up email asking if I was satisfied with their product. Each art piece is packaged individually and safely in cardboard boxes, so your art pieces remain safe and undamaged. The package also comes with a listing of your orders, a printout of their business’s background and vision, and a True Stock Studios‘ little souvenir sticker.

    Fashion Ecstasy’s Exclusive Discount code:

    True Stock Studios‘ prices are affordable, starting from around $10 for a quality art piece, and I’ve got good news for Fashion Ecstasy fans! We’ve teamed up with True Stock Studios to offer a 25% Discount for all our readers and fans! All you need to do is enter Fashion Ecstasy in the Discount Code section at checkout. So what are you waiting for? This is a gift suitable for all occasions! So head on over and stock up:

    You’re welcome!


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