YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT Dakota Johnson as Madame Webb Can Do Now in the NEW Marvel Spider-Verse Movie! (Spoiler Alert!) / 全新漫威「蜘蛛宇宙」系列的《蜘蛛夫人》竟然擁有這種超能力!電影震撼大公開!(影評內有爆雷)

YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT Dakota Johnson as Madame Webb Can Do Now in the NEW Marvel Spider-Verse Movie! (Spoiler Alert!) / 全新漫威「蜘蛛宇宙」系列的《蜘蛛夫人》竟然擁有這種超能力!電影震撼大公開!(影評內有爆雷)

Madame Webb: An Exciting Addition to the Spider-Verse

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Madame Webb is an enjoyable and exciting film from the Marvel Spider-Verse. Directed by SJ Clarkson, the film stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra “Cassie” Webb who uses her newly found clairvoyant powers to save the three future Spider-Women: Julia Cornwall (played by Sydney Sweeney) Anya Corazon (played by Isabela Merced) and Mattie Franklin (played by Celeste O’Connor) from the duplicitous Ezekiel Sims (played by Tahar Rahim) who is intent on killing them.

Plot Summary

Cassie Webb is a New York City paramedic and, after having a near-death experience, starts to see visions. She realizes she can predict the future, and she is on a dangerous course to stop the future from happening. Webb finds herself drawn to the three teenage girls and saves them from Ezekiel Sims (who had learned of their existence and dreamt they were going to murder him). She then learns that her pregnant mother Constance, while on research with her team in Peru, had found a rare species of spider that had healing properties. Ezekiel Sims, who had been working with the team, claimed the spider for himself and shot Constance. The local tribe tries to save her, but she ultimately dies after giving birth to Cassandra.

With his spider powers, Ezekiel becomes a formidable and dangerous opponent. Cassie is determined to protect the girls from Ezekiel Sims at all costs. She flies to Peru and learns from the tribal elder that her mother was seeking the spider’s healing powers to save her from the fatal hereditary disease that Constance suffered from.

The persistent Ezekiel is hell-bent on destroying the girls and manages to intervene in Cassie’s every attempt to keep them away from him. The final showdown with Ezekiel has Cassie facing unexpected consequences that change her life forever.

Cassie’s prophecy, wisdom, and strength have now allowed her to fully transform herself into Madame Webb. She is able to provide the necessary guidance and mentorship for the three girls in their future.


The film boasts a formidable cast, each member bringing their unique talents to the table. From Adam Scott’s portrayal of Ben Parker to Emma Roberts’ Mary Parker, Mike Epps’ O’Neil, Kerry Bishe’s Constance Webb, and Zosia Mamet’s

Home Video Release

Madame Webb is not just a movie; it’s an experience. Available in 4 K Ultra HD, BLU-RAY™, and DVD, including a LIMITED EDITION 4K UHD/ BLU-RAY™ STEELBOOK, the film offers a range of viewing options to suit every preference. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Madame Webb in the format of your choice.

Chinese Version (中文版)

蜘蛛夫人》(英語:Madame Webb)是漫索尼影業蜘蛛人宇宙系列中一部令人愉快且興奮的電影。這部電影由S·J·克拉克森(SJ Clarkson)執導,達珂塔·強生Dakota Johnson)飾演蜘蛛夫人卡桑德拉·「卡西」韋伯(Cassandra ” Cassie” Webb)

利用她發現的千里眼超能力從奸詐、一心想殺死三位未來蜘蛛女的辛西結·西姆斯(Ezekiel Sims,由塔哈·拉辛(Tahar Rahim)飾演), 拯救了三位未來的蜘蛛女:由席德妮·史威尼(Sydney Sweeney)飾演的朱莉婭·康沃爾(Julia Cornwall)、伊莎貝拉·莫娜(Isabela Merced)飾演的安雅·科拉松(Anya Corazon)和由賽麗絲·歐康納(Celeste O’Connor)飾演的瑪蒂·富蘭克林(Mattie Franklin)。


卡西·韋伯(Cassie Webb)是一名紐約市的救護人員,她在經歷了一次瀕死經驗後,開始可以看到幻象。她意識到自己可以預測未來,並正走在阻止未來發生的危險道路上。韋伯發現自己被這三名青少女所吸引,並將她們從以西結·西姆斯(Ezekiel Sims)手中救了出來(西姆斯因為夢見她們要謀殺他而知道了她們的存在)。卡西·韋伯隨後得知她懷孕的母親康斯坦斯(Constance)與她在秘魯的團隊進行研究時,發現了一種具有治療功效的稀有蜘蛛。一直與該團隊合作的以西結·西姆斯 (Ezekiel Sims) 將這隻蜘蛛據為己有,並射殺了康斯坦斯。當地部落試圖拯救她,但她最終在生下卡西·韋伯後死亡。


憑藉蜘蛛的力量,以西結·西姆斯成為了一個強大而危險的對手。 卡西·韋伯決心不惜一切代價保護女孩們免受以西結·西姆斯的侵害。 她飛往秘魯,從部落長老那裡得知,她的母親當年尋求蜘蛛的治癒能力是為了拯救自己免受母親康斯坦斯所患的致命遺傳性疾病。






這部電影擁有強大的演員陣容,每個成員都發揮了自己獨特的才能。從亞當·史考特(Adam Scott)飾演的班·帕克(Ben Parker)到艾瑪·羅伯茲(Emma Roberts)飾演的瑪麗·帕克(Mary Parker)、麥克·艾普斯(Mike Epps)飾演的歐尼爾(O’Neil)、克里·畢許(Kerry Bishe)飾演的康斯坦絲·韋伯(Constance Webb)、佐西亞·馬梅特(Zosia Mamet)飾演的阿瑪利亞(Amaria),強大的演員陣容確保了引人入勝的觀看體驗。


蜘蛛夫人》不只是一部電影,更是一種體驗。此影片提供 4K 超高清、BLU-RAY™ 和 DVD 版本,包括限量版 4K UHD/BLU-RAY™ STEELBOOK,提供一系列觀看選項,以滿足各種喜好。準備好以您選擇的形式沉浸在《蜘蛛夫人》的世界中。


Whether you’re a die-hard Spider-Man fan or simply looking for an enjoyable superhero movie, Madame Webb is a film that is sure to entertain. With its exciting action sequences, compelling characters, and emotional story, Madame Webb is a must-watch for moviegoers of all ages.


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