YSL Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Hotel Toronto多倫多YSL美妝旅館

(中文版看下面/scroll down for Chinese version)
After touring Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, and New York, Yves Saint Laurent‘s YSL Beauty Hotel arrived in Toronto. For 2 days, Hotel Ocho was transformed into the YSL Beauty Hotel, becoming a makeup lovers paradise. There was a big buzz about their newest products: Black Opium Click & Go Pen and Rouge Pur Couture The Slim lipsticks. Black Opium Click and Go Pen combine the sensual blend of coffee, orange, cedarwood and patchouli into a portable pen. The patented technology provides for 200 applications of their trademark Eau de Parfum.

Rouge Pur Couture The Slim lipsticks are long-lasting for all day wear and have high pigment matte finish. They are also square cut to make the application more precise. And you can create a variety of lip shapes with them.
After checking in, there was a wall of keys to pick from, with the possibility of winning a prize. There was also the crane game, where one had to pick up a box of YSL beauty products carefully. We saw one of the attendees do it expertly, and it made us quite jealous.
There were lots of Instagram opportunities throughout the 2 floors, including the rock and roll selfie bed, YSL branded wall, luggage carts, and lips chairs on the grounds. YSL makeup experts were available to apply new exciting looks, or one could test the products on themselves.
There was a makeup workshop where tips were given out to those attending. Plus one could buy makeup products on the spot and have them shipped within 72 hours (complete with a gift bag).
YSL Beauty Hotel was a great way to familiarize oneself with Yves Saint Laurent‘s outstanding products and have fun.

中文版 (Chinese version):

在法國巴黎、日本東京、大陸上海、韓國首爾和美國紐約巡迴展覽完後, YS L美妝旅館終於來到多倫多了!多倫多Hotel Ocho 利用兩天的時間,把該旅社變身為美妝愛好者的天堂。其中最夯的話題就是他們YSL的新產品: 「Black Opium Click & Go Pen」 和 「Rouge Pur Couture The Slim」 口紅。

「Black Opium Click and Go Pen」將咖啡、橙香、雪松和廣藿香等感性的香味混合製成方便攜帶式的筆。該專利技術可供應超過200種YSL Eau de parfum的商標產品香味。

Rouge Pur Couture The Slim」 是超持久耐用的唇膏(口紅),顏色鮮艷、擦上後有霧面效果。為了提升使用者的精準度,此口紅採用方形切割面。方形切割面除了讓再塗口紅時精準度更精細之外,美眉們還可以發揮創意自由創造及畫上自己喜歡的唇型。

Check-in後,貴賓們可以從掛滿鑰匙的牆上選擇一把鑰匙,這是能讓貴賓抽奬的鑰匙。還有一台夾娃娃機,貴賓可挑戰用娃娃夾夾出一盒一盒的YSL產品。我們看到旁邊的貴賓輕而易舉的獲得商品,難免心生嫉妒。旅館共有兩層樓,每一個角落都是IG打卡的聖地,包括「搖滾自拍床」、YSL Logo自拍牆、YSL行李箱、還有性感嘴唇造型的椅子。YSL專業的化妝師也在場,提供貴賓們美容美妝諮詢及上妝的服務。貴賓們也可以選擇自行測試他們的商品。

我們在Y S L美妝旅館玩瘋了,也同時進一步的認識了YSL Yves Saint Laurent的美妝產品!


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