Travel – Private Dining Experience with Maiko (Geisha) in Kyoto

Japan’s Geiko/Maiko (Geisha) culture dates back to the 17th century. Today, there are only 200 geiko and 70 maiko left. Geiko & maiko work at Japanese teahouses that cater to a discreet clientele, mainly elite businessmen and dignitaries, and follow a referral only system. They are elusive, but the main reason is not just about money […]

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Travel-Exploring the 4 Geisha (Geiko/Maiko) Districts in Kyoto, Japan

You’ve probably heard of Geishas. In Kyoto, they are called geiko/maiko. In Japanese, geiko/maiko can be both singular or plural. Maiko are the young ones and geiko are the matured, and yes, they still exist. Geishas (geiko/maiko) have been around for over four hundred years and they have always been kind of a closed community; they only meet […]

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