Stroke Awareness (sometimes humorous) Line

Hi, this is Tanya Hsu, editor-in-chief of Fashion Ecstasy. As a massive hemorrhagic stroke-survivor myself, I have been living with hemiparesis for 6 long years. After working so hard acquiring my Master's Degree in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni Masters in Mila, Italy, I returned to Toronto, got a job working as a Fashion Design assistant, got conned, travelled the world, lived a full life. However, life played a joke on me and gave me a massive hemorrhagic stroke at age 29, and I've been sentenced to lifetime disability ever since. However, I never gave up on life nor myself, so I've been secretly working hard for the past 6 years developing my lines of products. It was a struggle looking for a way to launch my lines. However, it just hit me recently, what's a better outlet to present my ideas and designs other than my own website? I sincerely hope my designs can delight our fans and customers. Every purchase is a huge support for me, financially and most importantly, mentally. Thanks in advance!


Tanya Hsu

Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Ecstasy

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