Faulhaber Communications’ Ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift Guide-FShoppe Holiday

Faulhaber Communications‘ Ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift Guide-FShoppe Holiday / Faulhaber Communications 2020聖誕跨年季節送禮指南: FShoppe Holiday Faulhaber Communications held its first-ever virtual FShoppe Holiday Preview 2020, which offered some fantastic gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.    中文版 / Chinese Version: Faulhaber Communications首次虛以擬舉防疫方式舉辦FShoppe2020,為了西方即將到來每年度最重要的聖誕跨年季節提供最完整的送禮指南,今年的送禮選擇包含著無限創意。 即將到來的假期的奇妙禮物。 The FShoppe showcased items for the home from Bed Bath & Beyond and Caesarstone; beauty lines Charlotte Tilbury, fresh, eos and NEOSTRATA; […]

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黑白馬集運 – 網購淘寶中國大陸貨回台灣,物流再也不是問題,網購慢慢逛,逛網路商店像逛百貨公司,不用當天下單,還有60天考慮期,提供免費庫存空間。

黑白馬,集運 – 網購淘寶中國大陸貨,物流再也不是問題,網購慢慢逛,逛網路商店像逛百貨公司,不用當天下單,還有60天考慮期,提供免費庫存空間。

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網購嬰兒產品的重要提示 – 4 Tips for Your Next Baby Products Online Shopping

Saftey is always the biggest concern for buying baby products, here are the Top 4 Tips for buying safe baby skincare products online!

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TV Pay電視盒安卓智慧系統分享機 TV Pay Android TV Box

TV Pay電視和結合安卓智慧系統,能將手機所有APP班上大螢幕,搞定所有家庭娛樂
TV Pay TV box combines Android smart system, bringing all your cellphhone apps to TV, providing all your home entertainment!

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Hudson’s Bay Queen Street House Party

House Party at Hudson’s Bay Queen Street, Toronto by Sally Warburton On Thursday, March 14, The Hudson’s Bay department store on Queen Street was filled with shoppers for The House Party event. Shoppers interested in new cooking, decorating and design ideas for their homes gained a lot at the event,  concentrating on small spaces in […]

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Australian Activewear Lorna Jane Christmas pop up at Yorkdale Shopping Mall Toronto

Renowned Australian Activewear brand Lorna Jane opens its first pop-up shop at Yorkdale shopping Mall. For the month of December 2017 only, active Torontonian women have the opportunity to finally get something a little more playful instead of just the usual boring black, white, and gray mono-colours seen in most active wear. Why do people […]

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Realface Tainan – Affordable Leather Goods Tainan English Friendly Store(197洋行)

(this post is part of our 6 top English- Friendly stores for travellers and foreigners in Taiwan with Tainan City Government‘s “English-Friendly Certification” ) 近期臺南市政府積極營造英語生活環境,並且創辦了 ”台南商圈暨特色店家英語標章認證輔導計畫“ 來接受及歡迎更多的外國人。我們實地造訪了數間並且整理出我們推薦的幾家, 這是其中第三家: 先看影片,再繼續閱讀(中文版在最下面喔): 3. Realface Tainan – Affordable Leather Goods (197洋行) At first sight, Realface might be an Optical shop, but that’s just me. My post stroke brains only judged by […]

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5 Top English Friendly Stores for Travelers in Tainan 五家台南英語友善店家

Most travellers and foreigners who visit Taiwan repeatedly are in love with our hospitality and friendliness.A secret to locals only is the real place to find them. Taipei? Guess again.     If Tainan pops up in your mind, you’re not far from becoming a local. The Southern part of Taiwan: namely, Tainan, is where you can […]

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NordströmMatte #Nobadpress 2017 Holiday Preview & Christmas Gift Ideas

NordströmMatte held a #Nobadpress Holiday Preview at their new downtown Toronto showroom. It was a fun day walking around the space while getting all the gift ideas for 2017and learning and about exciting products and services that will add sizzle to the upcoming Christmas & Holiday Season 2017. Piper & Skye is a Toronto line of […]

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