Realface Tainan – Affordable Leather Goods Tainan English Friendly Store(197洋行)

(this post is part of our 6 top English- Friendly stores for travellers and foreigners in Taiwan with Tainan City Government‘s “English-Friendly Certification” )

近期臺南市政府積極營造英語生活環境,並且創辦了 台南商圈暨特色店家英語標章認證輔導計畫來接受及歡迎更多的外國人。我們實地造訪了數間並且整理出我們推薦的幾家, 這是其中第三

3. Realface Tainan – Affordable Leather Goods (197洋行)
At first sight, Realface might be an Optical shop, but that’s just me. My post stroke brains only judged by its name and totally ignored the rack of bags and parade of leather goods on the not-to-be-missed clearance rack placed right in front of the store.

Realface Tainan – Affordable Leather Goods English Friendly Store
Realface Tainan store front

Realface not only carries sunglasses, in fact, but their specialty is also leather goods, including handbags, shoulder bags, and smaller leather accessories (like clutches and wallets), all at affordable prices.

Leather goods are priced from $1680NT to $7000 NT
The prices are sweet and affordable even for our 22k curse, but Realface is certainly not perfunctory in production nor quality to keep costs down.

Besides just flipping through fashion magazines, streaming mainstream fashion shows online, or choosing through fabric swatches,?Realface’s representatives travel to Japan and Europe on a regular basis to actually feel and purchase quality materials “first-hand.”

WE had the pleasure to feel these leather material with a softer hand.

Reface leather material

Realface has their own production line, from designing to end product. They even produce for a few known international and local leather brands that are, sorry, embargoed. But this does not mean mass production that will embarrass you for carrying the same accessory as others on the streets everywhere you go. Many of their products are limited edition
Because leather goods require precision in production (stitching, detailing, etc.)? Realface ‘s leather products are also partially handmade.

Not bad for a quality affordable gift, eh?

Chinese version/中文版:







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More information on Realface Store:

Adress: No. 197, Zhongzhung Rd., West Central District, Tainan City 700, Taiwan

phone number: (06)2231981

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