3 Tips to for Buying/Investing in Art

Patrons of the arts, especially the fine arts and visual art forms, this post is for you.

This article will help you successfully negotiate in the tricky business from buying a piece that you love, taking it home and gazing upon its wonder daily. So, if you are ready to make your first purchase or you have done it before, and you just need a little refresher, keep reading for some sound art buying advice.

3 Tips to for Buying Investing in Art
3 Tips to for Buying Investing in Art

1. Do love it!

It may sound obvious, but you have to, above all else, follow the advice in this article, and buy a piece of art because you love it, and speaks to you on an emotional level. Don’t buy it because everyone else thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and don’t let yourself get caught up in the moment, or all the free wine at an exhibition. As “buying under the influence” can influence you to purchase something that is not for you. There is no guarantee in art. Your chosen piece has no absolute value, despite any possibility or hopes to the contrary. After marrying a piece, you are stuck with your chosen one, so you want it to be the right decision. By picking a piece you love you can ensure this.


2. Ask to meet/converse with the artist

If you spot a piece but still aren’t sure, then it can be beneficial to ask to meet or communicate with the artists whose work it is. This can be useful for you because it gives you an insight into the story of how and why the piece was created, making it personal and easier to judge whether it’s right for your or not.

Of course, not all artists are willing to speak to you, but it cannot hurt to ask. If anything, it’s a compliment that you find their work so engaging that you wish to discuss it further. Just be careful not to take up too much of their time, especially if you decide against buying a piece in the end.

2. Don’t negotiate on price

Something that it is vital always to steer clear of when buying art, either directly from the artist, or at an exhibition, is trying to negotiate on price. The price has been predetermined for a reason. It not only includes all of the materials used to make the said piece, but also the time and resources utilized in the many failed iterations before the item you see in front of you. As well as living expenses, and education that the artist has required in getting to this point. You aren’t just buying the art, but also funding the opportunity for the maker to continue to create. Something that you will likely see as a good thing if you are willing to host their work in your home.


3. Do get a recipe and certificate of authenticity

Lastly, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a receipt for your accounts, as well as a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. This is especially important when you are buying high-value pieces, as if you do choose to sell at any time you will have the correct documentation to do this in a responsible and above-board manner.

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