Doro Succulents-Therapeutic Desk Friends and Thoughtful Souvenir


(this post is part of our 5 top English- Friendly stores for travellers and foreigners in Taiwan with Tainan City Government‘s “English-Friendly Certification” )

近期臺南市政府積極營造英語生活環境,並且創辦了 台南商圈暨特色店家英語標章認證輔導計畫來接受及歡迎更多的外國人。我們實地造訪了數間並且整理出我們推薦的幾家, 這是其中第二家

    2. 2. Doro Succulents-Therapeutic Desk Friends (Doro多肉植物.療癒小物)

    Located inside the Tainan Confucius Temple Commercial District

    Located in the Tainan Confucius Temple Commercial District

    中西區府中街, Doro Succulents is a cute little shop filled with small succulents that are absolutely adorable and therapeutic. Turning from Kaishan road  onto Fujhong Street, there is already lots of local traditional specialties to see and try within a short 500-metre distance, including Taiwanese handicrafts, malt candy sticks, and $2nt Oden skewers (What!?)

    Doro succulents souvenir shop Tainan English friendly store
    Doro Succulents

    Doro is a perfect and convenient place to pick up souvenirs and gifts for anybody on your list before/after visiting the tourist attraction.

    These little desk friends aren’t just plants. They are affordable gifts that can show your sincerity or help you to at least pretend to be thoughtful. Because they are (semi) custom made. Shoppers can pick a plant along with mini figurines, including characters from the much-celebrated animation Totoro by acclaimed Japanese animator/artist Hayao Miyazaki.

    Totoro is my generation. One of the later known works of Miyazaki that might ring a bell is Spirited Away, and yes! You can find “No-Face (Kaonashi, the faceless ghost)” to accompany you at your boring desk, too. Hey, if your job isn’t paying you enough, maybe Kaonashi will like he does in the film.  Why not keep him around as motivation?

    The shop assistant (sorry, still didn’t get her name) pays as much attention to details as the products they sell. She carefully explains the products that are safe to carry abroad and on a flight and those that are not, in English, too!

    中文譯/Chinese Version:


    位於孔廟商圈「多肉」,是一家小巧可愛的商店,專賣多肉性植物,店員(不好意思!還是不知道她的芳名 )如同這些小可愛一樣細緻,不厭其煩地為我介紹可上機和不可上機的商品 (而且是用英文喔!)。





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