On September 9, 2014, CAFTCAD (Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts & Design) brought together members of the fashion, film and media industries to celebrate another successful year of promoting Canadian talents.

Reign costume
Reign costume

A party hosted during TIFF at The Spoke Club showcased some of the great costumes that CAFTCAD members have produced, including garments from films Pompeii, The Masked Saint, Make Your Move, The Hazing Secret, costumes inspired by the 16th century period from the hit TV show Reign and the vampire outfits from the horror-drama The Strain.

CAFTCAD is a non-profit organization created by individuals who are passionate about connecting all professionals related to the costume industry. Through educational seminars, networking, workshops and special events, CAFTCAD promotes costume design from both technical and artistic perspective.

CAFTCAD Celebrates Costume at TIFF continues to attract over 200 professionals from the film, tv and media industries in attendance each year to honour the talents of Costume.

(photos by Tanya)