Cool Nordic” an event held for social media was not only cool, it showed these Nordic countries as “cool and progressive”. The four main Nordics: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland were the countries in focus at the Cool Nordic event, but don’t let the remote aspects and freezing winters of these countries fool you, these Nordic places have demonstrated to be leaders in Architecture, Fashion and Food.
Cool Nordic Style Workshop Vera Moda

Danish design and architecture are world-renowned and they really take natural light seriously. Presentations from Henning Larsen Architects and Saunders Architects demonstrated the use of daylight to form space in their designs. Daylight is useful because it impacts your health and also saves energy. Therefore, sustainability in principles of design is realistic because it profits both people and business.

Nordic fashion brands are also progressive. They are well made clothes, great value for your money and along with that, they include important responsible production. Customers or other brands, sometimes overlook a high code of conduct in manufacturing. A fashion company run in Denmark, called Best Seller, established in 1975, has 12 fashion brands, two of them including VERO MODA and Noisy May, (both are sold at Hudson’s Bay) were highlighted during the presentation on Nordic fashion.

Along with these presentations, was a selection food from Nordic cheeses and various types of bread. Appetizers of smoked salmon on whole grain crackers and lamb meatballs were also being served. Welcoming and closing words dedicated to Canada from the Danish Ambassador gave this event an official seal of approval from Danish Government.

This event was a successful delivery of the Nordic brand. It showcased important and positive ideas on all sorts of levels, from design, products and fashion to environment and architecture. The “Cool Nordic” was certainly a model of quality life.

(photo credit: Kayvan Tahaei & Peyvand Rasouli)