Food Forward celebrated their 3rd Anniversary with FoodTOEats, an evening of food & beer sampling. Friends and members were treated to yummy creations by some of Toronto’s food truck favourites and up & coming caterers & bakers including Fidel Gastro’s, Santo Pecado, Hot Bunzz, to name a few.

Hot Bunzz at FoodTOEats - Food Forward?s 3rd Anniversary Party

Some memorable dishes include the ‘Hot Bunzz’ stuffed with too much mouth-watering Bison Short Ribs filling, Santo Pecado’s refreshing ceviche tostada, and Marianne Moroney’s sliced dog with sweet potatoes. “Glory Hole Donuts” served “doughnut fries” dipped in a special “raspberry ketchup” which we found very interesting, Me.n.U served Chinese sausage rice-balls, and Black Oak Brewing Co. teamed up with Alchemy Pickle Co. to serve organic beer-brined pickles and samples of the award-winning Black Oak Nut Brown Ale.

During the event, six Food Idol Awards were presented to members who have made remarkable achievements in 2013, including a Breakfast Food Activist Award, Spicy New Venture, Sweet New Initiative, Food Forward Outstanding Member, Toronto Food Champion, and a New Food Sprouts Grant.

It was definitely and event to explore the food & wealth of Toronto’s diverse community!

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Food Forward‘s FoodTOEats