Reliving the Maqluba (Maqlooba) Dream – The Most Mouthwatering Arab Dish

殘編跨年在家吃敘利亞友人親自做的清真阿拉伯名菜慶祝 「瑪格露巴」、酸奶、和土耳其式焗烤馬鈴薯泥/ Spending NYE with authentic and famous Arab Halal dishes – maqluba (maqlooba), leben and mashed potatoes Turkish style, homemade by our Syrian friend

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殘編在家自己烤肉過今年中秋 / Chinese Moon Festival BBQ at Home and an Introduction to the holiday’s traditions, activities and stories

How we spend our Chinese Moon Festival at home and an introduction to the holiday’s traditions, activities, origin and stories /時尚高潮講解中秋節和殘編今年中秋在家自己烤肉YT食記影片

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