According to Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s new survey, I am a difficult person to shop for, because one of the gifts that I received for the holidays was a Burberry scarf (which I absolutely loved). Other go-to gifts for clueless shoppers, according to Yorkdale’s survey, include generic accessories such as gloves, followed by a bottle of wine.

yorkdale shopping mall
(image courtesy of Yorkdale Shopping Centre)

Deciding on the right gift for your loved ones can be tough, especially when you want it to seem unique and thoughtful.
Yorkdale is here to help. Yorkdale has launched several programs for the holidays to ensure visitors have the easiest and most relaxing shopping experience possible.

Yorkdale’s shopping app provides shopping tips and information. The in-centre directions allow visitors to easily map out their shopping routes. The new Live Chat feature connects shoppers with live guest service directly through their smartphones. The app also shows updates on stores, restaurants, and parking every 15 minutes.

Shoppers will also find themselves surrounded by Swarovski Crystals while shopping.

To add a little fun to the shopping experience, this Saturday from 10 am to noon, guests can decorate their own Swarovski crystals ornament with a $20 donation. Toronto’s own Fashion Santa Paul Mason will also be on site every Saturday during the month of December, from noon to 8 p.m. Shoppers can take selfies with Fashion Santa with a $5 donation to #SelfiesForSickKids. Proceeds go to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

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