3 Mouthwatering Pork Dumplings Varieties to Die For – Dumpling Times Taiwan Open-box Review

Pork Dumplings to Die For – A Review of 3 Mouthwatering Varieties

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Let me start off by saying – I’m a nostalgic person. Some may call it PTSD. I call it a passion. I was hooked for life since I popped my first juicy, flavorful dumpling into my mouth as a child.
So, when I heard about a new dumpling brand that spent YEARS perfecting their recipes to create the ultimate nostalgic, homestyle dumpling, I knew I had to try them. I resisted snacking, bought some eczema medicine, and prepared my tastebuds for what was sure to be a mindblowing dumpling experience.
Dumpling Times is not just an ordinary dumpling joint. They have spent 8 years researching dumplings that can touch people’s hearts so that dumplings are no longer just a home-cooked dish that simply fills the stomach. Their vision is to evoke the taste of consumers’ childhood mother’s memory. It remains in the hearts of gourmets, evoking nostalgic tastes.
This brand is no ordinary dumpling maker. Their decade-long journey to dumpling greatness involved intricate high-gloss packaging, childhood food memories, veteran dumpling research, and a noble quest to warm hearts through food. That’s the kind of lofty dumpling devotion I can get behind.
My open box includes three mouth-melting pork dumpling varieties – pork and cabbage, pork and chives, and pork and corn. I tested all three to see if they lived up to the hype. I evaluated them on criteria such as flavour, texture, aroma, ingredients, and overall enjoyment. Usual dumplings on the market use male pork, which gives you that gamey taste. Dumpling Times uses only female pigs under 6 months old to eliminate that taste.

Pork and Cabbage Dumplings – Flavor Rollercoaster of Dreams

I knew I was in for a treat when I saw these gorgeous dumplings. They glistened like edible jewels, waiting to burst with flavours. The pork filling is seasoned with just enough salt and white pepper to enhance the natural flavours without overpowering. Each bite is perfectly balanced.
Select alpine cabbage is delivered directly from the production area of ​​the day. It is full, juicy, sweet and delicious, and perfectly combines with the minced pork.
The dumpling skins are thick enough to contain the generous filling but still delicately chewy. You can taste the freshness in the dough.
They are pleated and folded into elegant crescent shapes that make them look like mini works of art.
As I bite into one, the hot broth bursts into my mouth immediately, priming my palate for the flavours to come.
As I bit into the tender dumpling skin, a flood of fragrant broth and finely minced pork swept me away in waves of bliss. The pork was so succulent and moist that if you told me it was from a pig that had been massaged daily and fed a diet of milk and honey, I’d believe it.
Chunks of green cabbage added pleasant crunch, tang, and the nostalgic flavours of childhood. Each chewy, porky bite transported me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen table.
The only way these dumplings could be better is if they made my bed and did my taxes. They’re that good. I happily award them 5 juicy gold stars.

Pork and Chives Dumplings – Harmonious Dance of Pork and Chive

I didn’t think any dumpling could impress me more after the last variety, but the pork and chives dumplings proved me wrong.
At first glance, they were beautiful yet humble, like a wise kung fu master disguised as a peasant. But the flavours inside this unassuming package were anything but humble.
At my first bite, I find myself transported to my childhood years when I first came to Taiwan, trying the local breakfast dish my mom shared with me, “Jiǔcài hézi (Chinese: 韭菜盒子)” a quaint Taiwanese eatery, my senses tingling with anticipation. The aroma of sizzling dumplings wafts through the air, enticing me with promises of culinary delights. As I take my first bite of the dumpling, my taste buds explode with an orchestra of flavours. It’s as if a party of dancing fairies has taken up residence on my tongue, tickling and tantalizing my every taste receptor. The experience is akin to stumbling upon a hidden treasure, a gastronomic gem waiting patiently for me to discover its magnificent allure.
High-standard, undamaged fresh chives, completely free of damage and yellowing, are used, providing a fragrant and rich taste.
I prepare myself for a texture extravaganza that will leave me spellbound. The chopped chives dance upon the palate like a graceful ballerina, effortlessly twirling and pirouetting with every bite. The outer layer is a delicate embrace that slips right into my mouth smoothly, reminiscent of my baby blanket caressing my face as I suck on my thumb to sleep. As I sink my teeth into this delectable creation, I am met with a burst of tenderness, a velvety smooth and utterly irresistible filling. It’s a texture tango that has me swooning, unable to resist every heavenly bite’s allure.
I embark on a flavour journey like no other. The pork and chives dumplings are a symphony of taste, a cacophony of flavours that leaves my taste buds singing joyfully. The filling, a harmonious blend of fragrant chives, succulent meat, and tantalizing pork juice, sets off a flavour explosion in my mouth. It’s like a fireworks display of taste, with each bite revealing a new dimension of deliciousness. The chives dance upon my tongue, their vibrant freshness mingling with the savoury notes of the meat, creating a symphony of flavours that have me begging for encores.
I’m mind-blown. How can such a seemingly simple dumpling pack such a punch of flavour and delight that, from what I remember, only a “Jiǔcài hézi (Chinese: 韭菜盒子)” pastry size of my face can? The pork and chives dumplings are not just a dish; it’s a portal to the past when my mother took me to Taiwan for the first time, famished and excited to show me all things local after an exhausting 13-hour flight from Jordan. It’s a reminder that the most extraordinary experiences can sometimes be found in the simplest places.
One dumpling-sized bite summing up the local Taiwanese breakfast extravaganza, leaving me in awe.
The chives are chopped into tiny pieces and distributed evenly throughout the pork, providing a pop of aroma and flavour in every bite.
They use as many chives as an authentic “Jiǔcài hézi, giving me a full-on chive blast.
The natural fattiness of the pork seeps into the chives during cooking, giving the chives an almost buttery texture.
The dumpling skins are thinner than the cabbage ones, allowing me to fully taste the seasoned pork and chive filling with each chew.
They have a beautiful circular pleated shape, like perfect little purse dumplings.
The tender pork melts on my tongue like a meat popsicle on a summer day. The chives add a fresh, aromatic contrast that elevates each bite. It is like a harmonious dance of pork and chive in my mouth – delightfully balanced and nuanced.
Taiwan‘s sickening beauty standards had me quit chives for over a decade- they are believed to stimulate melanin production. A single porky tear of joy rolls down my cheek as the taste lingers long after eating, evoking my childhood memories before being exposed to Taiwanese vanity. Another 5 juicy gold stars awarded.

Pork and Corn Dumplings – Sweet, Juicy Morsels of Magic

3種令人垂涎欲滴的主餃食光豬肉口味開箱試吃評價 / 3 Mouthwatering Pork Dumplings to Die For Open-box Review from Dumpling Times Taiwan Could the pork and corn dumplings outshine the last two varieties and complete the epic dumpling trifecta? I unwrap them with an equal mix of excitement and skepticism.
The corn kernels provide delightful bursts of sweetness that play perfectly against the savoury umami pork.
The corn is not canned or frozen – they use fresh cobs and kernels.
The skins are thicker than the pork and chive dumplings to stand up to the juices from the corn. Each bite contains a full payload of meat and corn.
You get textures from the tender pork, pops of crunch and juice from the corn, and chewy dough in one satisfying morsel.
The pleated shape has a quirky modern triangular design, putting a unique spin on a classic.
My first bite is a revelation. The sweetness of the corn collides with the savoury pork in an exhilarating flavour explosion.
The corn adds a delightful crunch and amazing bursts of sweetness that balance the tender, fatty pork. Each morsel is a perfect juicy, meaty, corny bite of magic.
Though part of me wanted to deduct a star just to maintain some objectivity, my heart wouldn’t let me. Another set of 5 shining stars is awarded!
Dumpling Devotion
Trying these impeccable pork dumplings has only evoked my nostalgic love of local flavours that was first introduced to me by my mom.
The brand’s fanatical decade-long journey to create the ultimate nostalgic dumpling was no exaggeration. Their pork and cabbage, pork and chive, and pork and corn dumplings represent the pinnacle of the dumpling art form. They achieved their lofty goal of crafting dumplings that provide delicious comfort and evoke food memories through masterful ingredients, technique, and flavour.
Whether you’re a dumpling die-hard or amateur, these pork dumplings deserve a spot on your table, in your belly, and in your heart. I can’t wait to try more of their mouthwatering varieties!

Dumpling Dip: The Divine Garlic Dipping Sauce That Will Change Your Dumpling Destiny

What makes a good dumpling and makes it great? A dipping sauce!
Dumpling Times didn’t just perfect their pork-stuffed bundles of joy. They crafted an insanely delicious garlic dipping sauce to go with them that takes the experience to a whole new level.
After tasting this sweet, savoury, garlicky dip, I’ll never view dumpling dipping sauce the same way again. The flavours blew my mind almost as much as the dumplings themselves.
Let’s take a closer look at this sauce sent straight from the dumpling gods and how it gloriously complements each juicy pork dumpling variety.
Sauce at First Bite – Love Before First Sight
At first sight, the dipping sauce is already appealing. Unlike the usual black-brownish soy sauce, this sauce has a vibrant orange colour that shines through. Perhaps spicy? I question.
But remember the old adage – don’t judge a sauce by its appearance! As soon as I dip those dreamy pork dumplings into the mystery sauce, I realize looks can be deceiving.
The tangy garlic flavour mixed with soy sauce and oyster sauce notes dance on my taste buds. It adds a hint of sweetness that brings out depth and savoriness, making the pork flavours pop even more.
Within seconds, I was dipping every last dumpling into this beautiful elixir of flavour. I haven’t fallen that hard and fast since my stroke. Do looks really matter when true love is at first bite? Not a chance!
The Origin Story – Tracking the Roots of Dumpling Magic
What gives this sauce its pizzazz? The key ingredients and origins reveal much.
They start with bulbs of garlic imported from a small family farm in Taiwan. The farm nurtures the garlic crop with intense care, resulting in garlic with a pronounced sweetness that adds loads of flavour.
They blend the garlic with high-end naturally brewed soy sauce from Taiwan. The soy sauce balances the garlic’s punch with a mellow saltiness and deep umami.
Oyster sauce joins the mix, lending an almost meaty richness that heightens the pork flavours in the dumplings. And to tie it all together, a bit of rendered pork lard from humanely raised pigs provides a creamy, savoury slickness.
They transform humble ingredients into an extraordinary dipping experience through meticulous sourcing and technique.
The Versatile Sauce – Enhancing Every Dumpling Variety
Some condiments overpower a meal. Not this one. The garlic dipping sauce brilliantly complements and enhances each unique dumpling variety.
The pork and chive dumplings bring out the aromatic essence of the chives. The sauce somehow makes the chive flavours taste even more green and fresh!
When paired with the pork and corn dumplings, it balances the corn’s sweetness and makes the pops of corn juice burst with flavour.
Andㄝ, with the pork and cabbage dumplings, it adds a wonderful garlic undertone that intermingles with the cabbage tang.
No matter which dumpling you choose, the sauce makes it better. It’s the Tom Brady of condiments – making everything around it achieve peak performance!
The Ultimate Dumpling Experience
Eating these skillfully crafted pork dumplings is an incredible experience on its own. Dipping them in the thoughtfully formulated garlic sauce takes the enjoyment to another level.
The sauce complements and enhances the flavours of the fillings, creating a symphony of tastes in your mouth with every bite. It adds sweet, salty, savoury, garlicky, and meaty notes to satisfy your taste buds on a multidimensional level.
And the best part? The sauce is not only a condiment that enhances the taste of dumplings, it is also an all-purpose sauce that can be added to any dish or even directly mixed with rice and noodles.
If you have the privilege to try Dumpling Timespork dumplings, make sure to eat them with the garlic dipping sauce. This divine sauce will forever change the way you look at dumplings!

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