LELO’s MIA™ 2 Lipstick vibrator Unboxing, Demo & Review! 一支要價近$3000美元的口紅按摩棒開箱使用心得

Is LELO’s Lipstick vibrator worth it? Watch our unboxing Youtube video with demo and review!
LELO的 MIA™ 2口紅按摩棒搞到殘編叫的不要不要的!

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LoveinSync- a New Vital Dating App / 最新找到長期伴侶的強大交友APP

LoveinSync- a New Vital Dating App with customized makeover and 1-on-1 love couching / LoveinSync是最新找到長期伴侶能量身定做、客製化改造形象的強大交友APP

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LELO Luxury Sex Toy Sona 2 waterproof Vibrator Unboxing Review – “clitorally” squirts and vibrates with my bubble jacuzz

奢華情趣用品品牌LELO跟我的Sona 2一起過1111「單身節」LELO Luxury Sex Toy Sona 2 waterproof Vibrator Unboxing Review – “clitorally” squirts and vibrates with my bubble jacuzzi! / LELO奢華高級情趣用品開箱試用文 Sona 2防水按摩器讓妳在享受泡泡浴之餘跟著按摩浴缸一起「噴水」搖擺,皇「蒂」般的享受!

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LELO Soraya 2 vibrator unboxing: “Ohhhh”-some Sex Toy Ever / LELO Soraya 2 情趣按摩棒開箱體驗文(含影片)

LELO Soraya 2 vibrator unboxing: no more BS hour-long foreplay. 20 minutes of charging lasts you twice the orgasm, so let’s get down to business and DIY, because we are all“independent women.” LELO Soraya 2 has a sleek luxurious design that looks like a piece of art from Beverly Hills, no more embarrassing moments when you invite friends over!
LELO Soraya 2 按摩棒情趣用品開箱影片:甩掉家中沒用的老二!充電20分鐘潮吹2次,自己來最享「頌」(台語「爽」)

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殘媽小窗 – 小三的敵人

殘媽小窗 – 小三的敵人 我相信你我身邊都曾發生許多比電影情節更精彩的故事,因此再忙碌我也習慣寫日記,因為一手資料的紀錄,讓人更清晰的看人生。 一位朋友的老公在國立大學當教授,二十年前開始陸陸續續外遇,其中還有他的學生。周遭朋友隱約知道此事,只有她被瞞在鼓裡,沒人敢告訴她。某一天她在先生研究室抽屜裡找剪刀,無意間看到女學生給她先生的情書。晴天霹靂的打擊,卻沒讓她像一般人一樣大吵大鬧或自殺,也不像所謂理智的女人一樣,企圖靠智慧贏回丈夫的心。她留下紙條,悄悄回到她的出生地。數星期後,她和丈夫簽字離婚。 離婚後不久男方便入朝為官,並選擇其中一位較無爭議性的外遇對象結婚,也信教了,每每遇見熟人都展現他三寸不爛之舌,感恩上帝對他的眷顧。 他利用職務幫助許多人,結交許多朋友,仕途亨通。他沒有再生育,全家福照上唯獨女主人不是我朋友。 實際上她離婚時,小兒子還在上小學。十幾年來她獨力把孩子教育成成熟、懂事又傑出的青年。有一次因兒子的事,遇見前夫的妻子,話不投機,這位小三竟大吼說:「妳把他當垃圾,我把他當黃金撿起來。」我朋友面露憐憫,絲毫不慍。我問她:「小三怎麼啦?絲毫沒有打勝仗的喜悅嘛?」她說:「他們兩人都很可憐,必須終身為這件事生氣。」 Collaborations or join our team (合作、邀稿或加入我們的團隊請聯絡): 賴(Line): Tinkeebellezza ( Capital “T”, without “@”, please send us a message so we don’t miss you! 沒有 @,“T”大寫,要傳訊息才看的到哦!) https://lnkd.in/fW67Srm Email: fashionecstasytv@gmail.com 電話/ WhatsApp:(+886) 958771010   Fashion EcstasyHello!  I am the blog owner & Editor-in-Chief of this bilingual website Fashion Ecstasy […]

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First Toronto’s Elite Divorce Party

Toronto’s first Elite Divorce Party took place at the Thompson Hotel Lobby Bar, and it was a fun and busy night. There were over 140 divorced singles who enjoyed the opportunity to “schmooze” with like-minded people in a relaxed environment. Quinn, the Comedian, helped kickstart the evening with some laughs. The hosts of the night […]

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Everything To Do With Sex Show 2017 Toronto

The International Centre held the 18th annual Everything To Do With Sex Show 2017, and it brought a lot of sexy fun to Toronto. People from all walks of life came together to enhance and discover how to kick up their love lives in a light-hearted environment. There was constant entertainment over the three-day event. […]

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Allure Body Bar and Ohhh Canada’s Frisky Business

On Thursday, Allure Body Bar celebrated its third anniversary by doing some Frisky Business with Ohhh Canada. Katrina McKay, sexpert and CEO of Ohhh Canada brought in some of her favourite sex toys and showcased them one by one. There were the chains, the floggers, the vibrators, and everybody’s favourite-the magic banana, a toy that can act as a Kegel exerciser […]

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Eligible Magazine’s TIFF Bachelor Party at Flirty Girl Fitness

Bachelors and Flirty Girls made the perfect combination for a great opening party for TIFF! On September 5, 2014, “Flirty Girl Fitness” on King Street in Toronto became the event space for Eligible Magazine‘s TIFF party featuring the “Bachelors” from the hit ABC show Bachelor in Paradise. Zack Kalter, Chris Bukowski, Graham Bunn, Robert Graham and Bachelor […]

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