COTY fῡme scent lounge Customize/personalize Luxury Fragrances in 5 Easy Steps(Under 1 Min)!

This past Wednesday, global fragrance leader Coty Canada unveiled its fῡme scent lounge in Hudson’s Bay, Yorkdale Shopping Mall location in Toronto
fῡme scent lounge is a first-of-its-kind luxury retail concept completely reinventing our fragrance shopping experience. “Thoughtful” and “Personalized” gifts are no longer limited to custom-made jewelry or apparel. Fragrances are a much easier choice with the same concept, yet making the gifters’ lives much easier, indeed. Located in the Hudson’s Bay store at Yorkdale Mall, the new shop features RFID-enabled technology, immersive touch-screen interactivity and innovative scent inhalers that elevate the fragrance shopping experience to an art form.
At the VIP launch event, we were invited to explore and discover this modern multi-sensory environment first hand.
With the assistant’s helpful guidance through the ”Fragrance Finder” touch screen, my customized gift was ready in under one minute by answering 5 simple questions:

Watch the video(it only takes less than a minute, I promise!):

  1.  For ”Me” or “Gift”?
  2. “Masculine” or ”Feminine”?
  3.  (choose by)”Scent” or “Style”?
  4.  (for) “Everyday” or ”Occasion”?
  5.  (preference) “Natural,” “Feminine,” or “Sensual”?

I chose for “Me,” “Feminine,” “Style,” “Occasion,” And “Sensual”
And my tailored product results were

Eau Sensualle, Eau de Parfum” by Bottega Veneta, “Gucci Guilty” Eau de Toilette by Gucci and “Deep Euphoria” Eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein.
It’s almost like the new technology is built for me and other brain injury survivors personally because the resulting products lit up on the table as soon as the results came out, saving me time and headache for looking for it.

Once the results show up, the screen shows you all the details and information on/about your personalized products including the “scent sign,” a personality horoscope, product ingredients, launch date, price point, and everything else you need to know about your chosen one.
I like luxury everything, but receiving fragrances as presents were always a “meh” for me. Not just because I don’t normally wear perfume, but they just don’t seem too thoughtful. They usually end up in my washroom to “cover my shit.”

fῡme scent lounge has completely changed my image of fragrances, and I might start spraying myself instead of my sheet now that my “scent” can carry my own one-of-a-kind “character.”


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