MAISON RIVIERA launches New Greek yogurt with 40 percent less sugar

MAISON RIVIERA launches New Greek yogurt with 40 percent less sugar

Canadian consumers these days are looking to improve their health. Having large amounts of sugar in one’s diet is a serious concern for most of us.

MAISON RIVIERA launches New Greek yogurt with 40 percent less sugar
MAISON RIVIERA Greek yogurt with 40 percent less sugar

The World Health Organization (WHO), states that the recommended daily intake of free sugars for the average adult is the equivalent of 50 grams of sugar. Now 50 grams of sugar is almost reached by drinking just one can of a soft drink (which has around 40g of sugar alone). This creates a huge dilemma in how do we reduce our daily sugar intake while going about our regular lives?
Artificial sugar substitutes like aspartame have suspected long-term side effects like weight gain, increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Other natural options like stevia have a slightly bitter aftertaste and are not as well absorbed by the body as sugar.
In addition, dairy is an essential part of a healthy diet. With the recommendation of adults having 3 cups of dairy products daily. Eating a 1-cup serving of Greek yogurt can fulfill over 30 percent of this alone.
To address these concerns, Maison Riviera has been the first company to formulate a delicious line of natural Greek Yogurt which contains 40% less sugar, is fat-free, lactose-free and full of probiotics (each serving contains 1 billion probiotic bacteria including Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Lactobacillus Paracasei).
Having a product that is lactose-free allows so many of us to enjoy dairy without dealing with the discomforts of lactose.
Probiotics provide healthy bacteria for to maintain a healthy gut.
This line of Greek yogurt is also high in calcium (20% per serving) and protein (18 g /175g serving), low in carbohydrates, sodium, and cholesterol. For those who are calorie counting, there are only 80 calories per 125-gram container.
Catherine Lefebvre, a Quebec-based nutritionist and author of “Sugar, Truth and Consequences,” details in her book the history of sugar and how it became so prevalent in our modern diet. Lefebvre states “Ultimately, the goal is not to eliminate sugar from our diet, but it is time to reconsider our recipes and learn to appreciate food’s true taste, It is to Maison Riviera’s credit that it has positioned itself as a leader in this important movement for Canadians’ health. Let us hope that this encourages producers of the primary sources of free sugars found in our diet to do likewise as soon as possible. “
There are seven flavours including raspberry, mango, banana, orchard fruit, caramel, vanilla, and plain.
We tried out two of the new flavours (mango and raspberry) to see how they compare taste-wise to other Greek yogurts that we’ve bought before. We were impressed. Both flavours are intense and one can taste the actual fruit in the yogurt. Both are thick and creamy, as Greek yogurts tend to be. There is a strong sweetness to both, yet not overpowering. And yes, we did wind up licking the spoon afterwards because they both were just so yummy.

Having a yogurt taste this good and with 40% fewer sugars, made us scratch our heads. How is Maison Riviera able to do this and other yogurt brands cannot?
We began to look into the background of Maison Riviera and how they manufacture this line of yogurt for the answers.
Maison Riviera was founded in 1920 in Sorel-Tracy; Quebec by Alexandrina Chalifoux. The company was originally called Laiterie Chalifoux. Chalifoux began selling extra milk from her cows to local villagers. This evolved into the family business when her son took over and became one of the first in Quebec to obtain a pasteurization license. The license gave the company the right to buy milk from other dairy producers. In 1959 the Riviera brand was launched, and the company started producing cheeses and added more products overtime.

In 2015, the Rivera Petit Pot line was introduced with probiotic yogurts, butter and creams all made from natural ingredients. In 2016, their GMO-free yogurt line came to market. Maison Riviera has won awards for their products at the Canadian Grand Prix Awards.
The creation of this reduced sugar Greek yogurt starts with the fruit that is painstakingly picked by Italian master confectioners. Using high-quality fruits along with a lengthy maceration to extract their natural sugars gives the yogurt its sweet taste. With these fruits, there is no need to add in any sweeteners (either artificial or natural type) or colouring agents. These fruits blend so well with the Maison Riviera yogurt. The result is the tasty yogurt that has sweetness and creaminess at a 40% lower amount of sugar.
It is a very important addition to one’s daily diet.
The sugar-reduced Maison Riviera Greek Yogurt is available throughout Ontario at Whole Foods Market, Sobeys, Sobeys Urban Fresh, Foodland, and Metro.


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