P&M Q6 Mobile Sound Card Open Box Review – Best for Live Hosts & Streamers

P&M Q6 Mobile Sound Card Open Box Review  / 直播專用P&M Q6手機聲卡開箱實測評價:

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直播專用P&M Q6手機聲卡開箱實測評價

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A while ago, my TikTok fyp was flooded by a cellphone sound card Ad. I almost placed yet another order. Thanks to my long history of bad luck with technology. I have had no problem with buying anything since I was a child, but as long as I purchase 3C electronics or technology products, for some reason, I always pick the defective ones. Furthermore, I’ve never used a cellphone sound card, and as a tech idiot, I’m unsure if I can figure out how to use it. So, this is one of the rare times I don’t place an order on the TikTok Ads flooding my fyp.
The truth is, I’ve been dying to buy either a cellphone sound card that enhances my voice or a cell phone microphone for a long time for an embarrassing reason. My iPhone never lasts for over a couple of years. Every time I bust my phone is because I drop them into the toilet. And you all know Apple products are most vulnerable to water. I can’t help it. I need entertainment when answering mother nature’s call. I bet you feel me. Apple products are relatively more expensive, so I bought a waterproof cellphone case in case I drop my new iPhone into the toilet again. However, the phone case blocks my voice, so when I answer my phone (usually from a cranky delivery guy), I need to yell at the top of my lungs for them to hear me. That’s when I realize I need a sound card/ microphone. Luckily, I just received one from a sponsor a couple of days ago.
Introducing you to the P&M Q6 Mobile Sound Card. I have never heard of the brand P&M, and I believe many of you have not either. After some research, P&M is often referred to as PM, which seems to be a brand from China, and their reviews are pretty good. P&M‘s Q6 cellphone sound card prices vary from over NT$2,000 to over NT$9,000. Fairly reasonable.

  • P&M Q6 Mobile Sound card Contents:

At first sight, after the Openbox, you will find each box containing the following contents:

  • sound card
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • cell phone cord
  • Accompaniment Audio cord
  • flannel drawstring bag
  • user manual
  • Warranty Card
  • certificate
  • Battery Indicator:

When the red light is constantly on, it indicates the device is charging, and when it flashes, it shows the battery is low.

  • P&M Q6 Mobile Sound card Instructions (front):

The light on the upper right of the sound card device has two functions. Usually, it indicates the headphone input volume; when the device is on “singing” mode, it displays the echo volume. The highest is “8,” and the lowest is “0”.
The light on the upper left is the microphone sound indicator, which dynamically displays the microphone input volume while setting the microphone volume. The highest is 8, and the lowest is 0.
The words in the middle above the main interface of the sound card are the scene mode indicators, which I’ll be explaining each below:

  • Original sound:

The microphone is on its actual sound effect. This option is suitable for regular live-streaming and live chat scenarios.

  • MC:

The microphone on MC sound effect, the sound is full and magnetic, and it is suitable for MC ( emcee) scenarios.

  • Microphone connection:

This mode is applicable to the multi-user connection

  • voice change 1
  • voice change 2
  • Special Effects:

There are nine special effect keys in the middle of the front interface of the sound card device. Press on each to trigger the following special effects: kiss, applause, laughter, failure, Exit 1, Exit 2, dodge, crow, and Explosion. With so many sound effects, you’ll no longer feel awkward or embarrassed even when you secretly practice singing at home when no one’s (so you think) around.

  • P&M Q6 Mobile Sound card Instructions (side):

What I love the most is the design of the side buttons of this sound card device. There are only two buttons, and they are simple to use.
The upper button is the microphone sound button for the microphone volume control
Press “+” to increase the microphone volume; the highest level is 8 (maximum volume). Press the “-” button to decrease the microphone volume; the lowest level is 0 (microphone on mute).
The lower button is the “Reverb button (singing mode).
Press “+” to increase the reverb volume; the highest level is 8. Press the “-” button to decrease the reverb volume; the minimum level is 0.

  • P&M Q6 Mobile Sound card Instructions (top):

The holes on the top of the sound card are the input jacks for each cord. I’ll be introducing each below(starting from the left):

  1. Headset/ headphone: The first hole is for headphones and headsets with a 3.5mm jack (this function is automatically turned off when the second “microphone” jack is inserted with a microphone).
    2. “Microphone jack” (the second hole from the left): can be connected to a microphone with a 3.5mm jack
    3. “Accompaniment” (the third hole from the left): this hole can be connected to an external accompaniment sound source.
    4.” cell phone input” (the 4th hole from the left and the hole on the far right): You can connect the sound card to the live host/ streamer‘s cellphone.
  • P&M Q6 Mobile Sound card Instructions (bottom):

  • Monitor switch“:

The switch on the far left on the bottom of the sound card is for users to turn on or off the in-ear monitor function. This function provides the same as the earsets musicians wear on stage. Note: This function is designed primarily for the Android system.

  • “Charging hole”:

The hole in the middle is the charging hole for the sound card.

  • “Power switch”:

The switch on the far right is the power switch of the sound card.

At this point, I need to apologize to y’all because my defective brains just remembered that I need to buy an Apple-to-Android converter before I could test this PM Q6 Sound Card out. Remember to enter your Email and subscribe via the right sidebar, then confirm in the auto Email sent to your inbox to stay updated on our review (please do not use the lower-left pop-up subscription box, it’s broken!). Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch out open box video (don’t forget to hit that bell🔔)

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