Reliving the Maqluba (Maqlooba) Dream – The Most Mouthwatering Arab Dish

殘編跨年在家吃敘利亞友人親自做的清真阿拉伯名菜慶祝 「瑪格露巴」、酸奶、和土耳其式焗烤馬鈴薯泥/ Spending NYE with authentic and famous Arab Halal dishes – maqluba (maqlooba), leben and mashed potatoes Turkish style, homemade by our Syrian friend

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土耳其伊斯坦堡旅遊記之一 Travel Istanbul, Turkey-1

土耳其伊斯坦堡旅遊記之一 Travel Istanbul, Turkey-1 (Scroll down for […]

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阿拉伯人筆下的情與慾 / Lust and Love in Arabic literature

/ 阿拉伯人筆下的情與慾自古就有阿拉伯文學「性」觀念跟你想的不一樣 /Lust and Love in Arabic Literature – Sexuality in Ancient Arabic Literature May  Not Be What You Think

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掀開霧娘面紗的阿卜哈 – 沙烏地霧城之旅 / A Journey to the City of Fogs and Lover of Clouds – Abha

掀開霧娘面紗沙烏地最高的霧城阿卜哈之旅遊記/ Travel – A Journey to the City of Fogs and Lover of Clouds – Abha, Saudi Arabia

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時尚高潮食記&影片 – 淡水領事館觀海景觀餐廳 – Fashion Ecstasy Consulate Restaurant / Cafe Tamsui Review & Food Vlog

Located just across historic Fort San Domingo with a great view overlooking the Tamsui, is a beautiful restaurant named Consulate.

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阿薩德中東舞團:《我意識裡的怪癖》觀後感想與團長邵震宇老師訪談 / Review: Asad Oriental Dance – A Strangeness in my Mind A Different kind of Middle Eastern Dance

阿薩德中東舞團:《我意識裡的怪癖》觀後感想與團長邵震宇老師訪談 / Review: Asad Oriental […]

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