California Frozen MINI PIZZA – The World’s Best Frozen Pizza Open Box Review

加州迷你披薩的冷凍比薩開箱試吃總評價 / California Frozen MINI PIZZA Open Box Review:
Rather than calling itself the “LV of the frozen pizza world,” I think it is more appropriate to name it “The Michelin-3-star level frozen pizza!”

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Yaa Fang Foods CNY Delivery Set Meal Openbox Review

「雅方食品」過年推出「新春暖冬組合」套餐 兒開箱試吃評價 / Yaa Fang Foods CNY Delivery Set Meal Openbox Review: (Scroll down for English version / 英文版向下看) 先看時尚高潮YT開箱試吃影片/ Watch our Youtube Open Box Video First: 「雅方食品」是全台灣做冷凍加熱即食料理包及其他冷凍食品的佼佼者。其中以他們的「羊肉爐」和冰品最為出名。「雅方食品」的羊肉爐一直都是殘家想吃羊肉時的首選。所以當看到「雅方食品」今年過年推出「新春暖冬組合」套餐,當然是立即下單。 English version / 英文版: “Yaa Fang Foods” is the leader in making ready-to-eat frozen food products and other frozen commercially prepared food products in Taiwan. Their “Lamb […]

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