Winter Provisions – Provisions Catering and Events Menu Tasting

On Tuesday, February 17, Provisions Catering and Events hosted a successful pop-up tasting party at The Richmond. The party centered on locally sourced foods and specialty cocktails that celebrate the dreaded Canadian winters.

A select group of foodies braved the extreme cold to attend this intimate affair.

Inside The Richmond, fireplaces were roaring, candles were lit and strategically placed throughout to give the space an inviting feeling, and DJ 1up set the mood with nineties hip-hop and RnB hits.

Kevin Castonguay (Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Provisions Catering Events) was a great host. His relaxed, personable and professional character shone throughout the evening as he mingled with guests, taking pictures with them, and checking on the staff to see if they needed anything from the kitchen.

The biggest highlight of the event was the food and cocktails. All of the items on the menu featured locally sourced and organic produce and meat.

The organic Irish salmon sashimi on crispy salmon skin and 45-day dry aged raw beef hors d’oeuvres were addictively appetizing. Guests were also raving over the Ontario harvest brisket sliders that tasted exactly like McDonald’s Big Mac.

Besides the passed hors d’oeuvres, there were two interactive food stations that served popcorn shrimp & grits and pork bo ssäm lettuce wraps. The shrimp itself was spicy, the grits had a smooth consistency and a delicious cheddar cheese flavor, and the crumbled popcorn bits that garnished the shrimp and grits added an excellent overall smokey flavour to the dish. The house-made kimchi and ginger provided freshness to the tender and juicy pork shoulder meat.

The burnt marshmallow with dark chocolate and graham cracker was presented beautifully on the wooden trays and tasted like campfire s’mores.

Burnt Marshmallow provisions catering and events
Burnt Marshmallow

As for the specialty cocktails, they were a huge hit with the guests.
The Vodka Sour and Hot Toddy were the two favourites of the night.
The lime juice and Thomas Lavers ginger beer in the cocktail was very light and refreshing. Every sip from that drink took one’s mind off of the current cold snap and made them wish it was summer again.

The Hot Toddy was a rum-based and lemon flavoured gift from the winter gods! It was very soothing and contained enough alcohol to knock out any common cold symptoms.

The Winter Provisions Pop-Up Party proved that with the right mindset and the right food, winter can be an enjoyable time of the year. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Provisions Catering for hosting such a fun and memorable evening!

(photos by Tanya)
Provisions Catering and Events
 menu tasting


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