On June 21, the Andrew Richard Designs held their ‘Remember Summers Like This… Stay Foolish’ party, turning the Atrium and Loft spaces into a retro-chic summer escape with booze and food. We started downstairs enjoying the hors d’oeuvres prepared by the city’s finest caterers, including E11even, Food Dudes , Daniel et Daniel and so on. We played ring tossing at the carnival games section. My bad aiming skills only won me a pair of huge glasses, which was later on stolen by some guy (yes YOU if you’re reading this). After enjoying the food we headed upstairs to enjoy some more vodka drinks and danced our night away along with Bellosound‘s music.

The food we loved… (scroll to the bottom for more pictures)
Chorizo corndog, purple & yukon gold potato on a bed of Arugula greens by Marigolds and Onions
Fresh halibut ceviche with Vietnamese mango-lime-cucumber salad served on Chinese soup spoons by Toben

Pork belly by E11even
Seared tuna and veggies by Daniel et Daniel