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Fashion Ecstasy’s February edition of our monthly Fashion Ecstasy VIP food Tasting event was held on February, 16, 2019. Since it was Valentine’s weekend, the event was entitled “Valentine’s Dinner for the Singles”, because nobody should be dining alone on Valentine’s.

Watch our video first:

  • 這次參加的貴賓各個都是美女帥哥,從22-40歲的都有。

貴賓一到齊,廚師即推進一整桌的米其林等級的意大利國寶Grana Padano 起司來現場,為我們的經典Primo沙拉削起司。這種起司熟成需要一年8個月的時間,因此比一般放在凱薩沙拉的帕馬森乳酪還要高級,更是入口即化。

廚師一如往常,大器的在現場為大家削這米其林三星等級的GRANA PADANO 起司,貴賓吃得不亦樂乎!

(English Version/ 英文版)

VIPs who participated in the event included ladies and gentlemen between the ages of 22 and 45.
As soon as all our VIP guests arrived, our chef brought in a whole table of Michelin-grade (aka “Italian national treasure” )Grana Padano cheese to shave on site for our classic Primo Insalata di Cesare.
Grana Padano cheese requires at least a year and 8 months of aging. So the quality and taste are much better than the usual Parmesan cheese in a Caesar Salad.
The generous amount of this precious cheese he serves put a smile on all our attending guests.

時尚高潮VIP米其林餐會 Trattoria di Primo 現場削 Grana Padano 起司 (Fashion Ecstasy VIP Dinner Trattoria di Primo)
時尚高潮VIP米其林餐會 Trattoria di Primo 現場削 Grana Padano 起司
(Fashion Ecstasy VIP Dinner Trattoria di Primo)
  • PRIMO 前菜三重奏/PRIMO Appetizer Trio

PRIMO 前菜三重奏/PRIMO Appetizer Trio 時尚高潮VIP餐會
PRIMO 前菜三重奏/PRIMO Appetizer Trio


(English Version/ 英文版)

PRIMO Appetizer Trio
Appetizer trio includes Cocktail Vongole alla Mentaiko, Polenta di Manzo alla Milanese, and Caprese with Seafood. These are all new creations that chef Roy has curated exclusively for Fashion Ecstasy‘s VIP guests, even I haven’t tried them before

  • 水牛乳酪卡布列斯/ Caprese with Seafood

(Caprese with Seafood)
Fashion Ecstasy VIP Food Event at Trattoria di Primo


(English Version/ 英文版)

Caprese with Seafood is a play on the Italian classic dish Caprese. Chef Roy hollows out the large round buffalo cheese and fills it with seafood and diced tomatoes.

  • 明太子起司鮮貝盅/ cocktail di Vongole alla mentaiko

明太子起司鮮貝盅/ cocktail di vongole alla mentaiko
時尚高潮VIP餐會(Fashion Ecstasy VIP Food Event)


(English Version/ 英文版)

A big fat clam sunbathes on a bed of creamy mentaiko (pollock roe) with a little bit of Japanese seaweed. This is a taste of the sea and a favorite starter among guests.


  • 米蘭風慢燉牛臉佐手工玉米糕/ Polenta di Manzo alla Milanese

(English Version/ 英文版)

Cow’s cheek meat is paired with house-made polenta and topped with a thick sauce made with wine and beef’s cheek, garnished with a rosemary

  • 這次的貴賓有兩位不吃牛,所以主廚隨機應變將原本的前菜三重奏的「米蘭風慢燉牛臉佐手工玉米糕」變成 一樣好吃有水準的「帕瑪火腿鄉煎干貝」,殘編看了都好像偷咬一口啊!

(English Version/ 英文版)

Two of our VIPs didn’t eat cows, Chef Roy subbed their “Polenta di Manzo alla Milanese” for a Parma ham wrapped scallop. The sub looks as mouthwatering, I wish I could steal a bite

Trattoria di Primo前菜三重奏完美擺盤
(Appetizer Trio’s beautiful plating)
  • 這時貴賓們都大讚好吃!殘編提醒各位:「我們才吃到前菜呢!」

(English Version/ 英文版)

Guests couldn’t stop praising at this point, I had to remind them: “we’re just at “appetizers!”

  • 和風炙燒鮪魚菲力 / Tonno alla Giapponese

(Tonno alla Giapponese)


(English Version/ 英文版)

Tuna is blow-torched to crispy on the outside, and the meat remains dark red in the middle. Tasty aromas are released from the blow torching with no fishy taste at all.

  • 蘑菇濃湯卡布奇諾 / Mushroom Soup Cappuccino

蘑菇濃湯卡布奇諾 (Mushroom Soup Cappuccino)
蘑菇濃湯卡布奇諾 (Mushroom Soup Cappuccino)

蘑菇濃湯卡布奇諾杯子的底層是蘑菇濃湯,上面鋪一層奶泡,喝起來跟卡布奇諾一樣順口,還給人一種戀愛的滋味呢!杯上擺了一條 Primo 自己烤的麵包,服務我們的大哥怕會太硬,建議我們沾著湯吃,但是我們發現直接乾吃也很香脆可口啦!

(English Version/ 英文版)

Mushroom soup cappuccino is a cup of mushroom soup topped with a layer of milk foam, the foam is as smooth and velvety like a cappuccino, this soup warms you up like love and comes with a piece of home-baked bread. Our server suggested us to dip it in the soup in-case the bread is too hard, but we find it very crisp and just as fine to be eaten directly!

  • 瑪格麗特 D.O.C 披薩/ Pizza Margherita DOC

瑪格麗特 D.O.C 披薩 (Pizza Margherita DOC)
瑪格麗特 D.O.C 披薩
(Pizza Margherita DOC)


(English Version/ 英文版)

DOC is a quality assurance in Italy, Pizza Margherita is a classic Italian pizza with a tomato base, Trattoria di Primo tops its Pizza Margherita with large pieces of DOC buffalo cheese a and basil leaves. The flavours of this pizza are authentic and take me back to my days in Italy. Buono!

  • 傑諾瓦蘿勒煙燻鮭魚披薩 / Pizza Genovese con Salmone Affumicato

傑諾瓦蘿勒煙燻鮭魚披薩 ( Pizza Genovese con Salmone Affumicato)
( Pizza Genovese con Salmone Affumicato)

剛剛才上紅醬的披薩,廚師又貼心地幫我們換口味,上了一道用青醬當基底的傑諾瓦蘿勒煙燻鮭魚披薩,用肥厚多汁的鮭魚片蓋滿餅皮,上面再放上洋蔥和擠上ARLA 起士,這道在薄皮披薩中算很有份量的。

(English Version/ 英文版)

After a tomato-based pizza comes a basil-based green pizza, giving us a change on the palate.
Smoked salmon is sliced into thick, large pieces and covers the whole pizza crust. Topped with thin-sliced onion and Arla cream cheese. For a thin-crust pizza, this one is pretty weighty.

  • 風緹娜乳酪肉醬燉飯佐63度溫泉蛋 / Risotto Ragu di Porcini alla Fontina


(English Version/ 英文版)

Beef risotto is mixed with cheese and mushrooms, topped with a poached egg. At this point, All our guests are either too into their conversations or having the itis. By the time we snapped back to reality, the poached egg is almost cooked. Thanks to one incredibly patient VIP gentleman and the hot-served dish, we still manage to mix the cheese and egg thoroughly with the risotto.

  • 伏特加活龍蝦細扁麵 / Linguine all’ Astice



(English Version/ 英文版)

I’d like to rename this dish to “Crazy Lobster Linguini.”
Because it looks really crazy, in addition to the huge portion of linguini, the plate is also placed with a whole, full-on red lobster. The linguini is cooked with Trattoria di Primo’s house-made shrimp paste. The lobster is fresh and cooked live with vodka. I think it must’ve passed away peacefully in a drunken dream. Chef Roy thoughtfully pre-cracks the claws. The meat is fresh, firm and bouncy, we all “Oh!” ed out of excitement (watch our video above! the lobster Linguini debuts at 6:09).

  • 拱佐諾拉窯烤鴨胸 / Anatra di Gorgonzola

粉紅色的鴨胸配的是拱佐諾拉起司 (gorgonzola),拱佐諾拉跟藍起司一樣味道較濃,搭配鴨胸的紅肉跟一點紅酒便是人間美味。一般在西式餐廳看到這種粉紅色的鴨胸多數是煙燻的,Primo的切開竟是鮮嫩又多汁(請看影片

(English Version/ 英文版)

Pink duck breast is served with gorgonzola cheese, gorgonzola cheese has a stronger taste among all cheeses, in combination with the red meat, this dish makes a perfect pair with red wine. Usually at western restaurants, pink duck breasts are smoked, Trattoria di Primo‘s cuts are  juicy and tender (watch the video!

  • 慢烤香料脆皮豬肉 / Pancetta di Maiale Arrosto

這一道很像烤乳豬的菜是主廚醃漬調味後,直接進烤箱烤,旁邊搭上玉米筍、洋蔥跟小蕃茄,還有豬肉本身肉汁做的高湯。這一道豬是功夫菜,皮脆肉嫩,殘編忍不住將影片這段放慢速度 (8:26)好讓讀者跟粉絲們看個清楚。

(English Version/ 英文版)

This dish is very similar to a suckling pig roast. The pig is marinated and seasoned, then sent directly to the oven for baking. This dish is served with baby corn, onions and baby tomato, the sauce is made from the broth of the pork itself. This pig is a star, the skin is crisp and the meat is unbelievably tender, I couldn’t help but “slow-motioned” the part when we cut into the pig (8:26) in the video so you don’t miss it!

  • 提拉米蘇/ Tiramisu

提拉米蘇 (Tiramisu)


(English Version/ 英文版)

Dessert is tiramisu in a cup, this time garnished two pink marshmallow hearts, at least we all stole two hearts each at this belated Valentine’s dinner<3



明太子的好感度也不錯。重點是大家都心滿意足的回家,殘編看了很窩心。謝謝來Primo參加時尚高潮VIP餐會的貴賓粉絲們,下次聚餐活動舉辦在四月喔! 想參加的趕快加殘編賴手刀卡位:

Line ID: Tinkeebellezza (沒有 “@“, 要傳訊息給我才看得到哦! )



(English Version/ 英文版):

We added a little after-scene in our video this time with our VIP guests voting for their favourite dish before the mains.
The classic Insalata Cesare wins champion followed by Cocktail Vongole alla Mentaiko and Caprese with Seafood!
We thank you all for coming to our monthly Fashion Ecstasy VIP Dinner event, the next event will be held in April!
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