富基漁港海產店 – 現捕活海鮮任「炒」、任「姦」就像富豪酒店叫小姐 / Fuji Fishing Port Taipei Taiwanese Seafood Restaurant – Order Your Freshly Caught Live seafood Like a Baller picking strippers at a strip club

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先看時尚高潮食記影片Watch our Youtube food vlog first:


English version / 英文版:
Aside from street food and soup dumplings (xiaolongbao), Taiwanese cuisine is probably most famous for our seafood restaurants. Although I’ve stressed many times about how I think Taiwanese-style seafood dishes are a disgrace to seafood. If I’m going to stir-fry a fresh lobster with waste oil and human hair soy sauce, I might as well go to any cheap restaurant and get stir-fried pork with pepper to go; hence my love for Japanese sushi.

  • 武漢病毒 / Coronavirus Crisis – Best to Eat Your Seafood Cooked:


English version / 英文版:
However, the ongoing Coronavirus from Wuhan really freaks the shyt out of me. Shameful to say, I gave in and broke my principle. I dined at a local Taiwanese-style seafood restaurant for cooked seafood; as long as I’m not eating Coronavirus, I don’t care if I’m eating human hair or waste oil.

  • 富基漁港 – 台灣海鮮老饕的天堂 / Fuji Fishing Port – A Seafood Paradise in Taiwan

富基漁港活海產餐廳 - Fuji Fishing Port New Taipei Seafood restaurant
富基漁港 – Fuji Fishing Port New Taipei


English version / 英文版:
Located in Shimen District, New Taipei, Fuji Fishing Port is a fishing village famous for its fresh seafood. Restaurants sell their daily, freshly caught seafood made to order.

  • 現捕活海鮮任「炒」、任「姦」就像富豪酒店叫小姐 / Order Your Freshly Caught Live seafood Like a Baller picking strippers at a strip club:


English version / 英文版:
The best thing about dining at a live seafood restaurant in Taiwan is guests pick their own fish like picking ladies at an escort club. When I pick escorts, I usually go with my #ordereverything hashtag. Because I don’t like the idea of hurting anybody’s feelings.

  • 富基漁港海鮮 / The Seafood at Fuji:


「戰車龍蝦1800 b- $2400)

English version / 英文版:
Seafood at the Fuji fishing Harbour is no joke, and the annual seafood production can reach up to 3 million metric tons. The random joint we picked alone serves 3 kinds of freshly caught lobsters alone.



所以大龍蝦殘編早就不稀罕,反到是被沒看過的「戰車龍蝦 」($1800~$2400/斤)給吸引了。戰車龍蝦雖然較小隻,但是殼比較硬,肉比較Q有彈性,大龍蝦一隻要價$2000/斤起跳,咱們的戰車龍蝦有兩種,$2400ㄧ斤的跟$1800ㄧ斤的,要「炒」要姦、不,是「煎」或是要煮湯,客觀挑的貨想怎麼吃可以直接跟老闆講。真是讓殘編有上酒店當大爺的爽感。

English version / 英文版:
After my Nova Scotia trip and randomly catching a jumbo lobster:

 Size doesn’t matter anymore for me.
I’m more intrigued by the “slipper lobster” that I haven’t tried before.
Slipper lobsters are relatively smaller in size. There were 2 kinds of slipper lobsters when we visited, one priced at $ 1800 / catty/ “jin”(600g) and the other priced at $2400nt/ catty. Slipper lobsters have harder shells but with a bouncier meat texture. Larger lobsters are priced from $ 2000 / “jin” and up. Guests pick their own seafood and can even request how you want them cooked. I feel like a baller at a strip club.

  • 「海葡萄」般的「海菜」,意外撿到「綠魚子醬」/ Seaweed Like Green Caviar


咱造訪的餐廳點4道海鮮贈送一盤高麗菜,但光是單一顏色的蔬菜一定是滿足不了殘編點,所以咱們多點一道「海菜」( $250一盤),先燙再涼拌。「海菜」跟殘編日本沖繩吃到的「海葡萄」口味很相近,可以炒蛋也可以涼拌,涼拌吃起來酸酸鹹鹹的。「海葡萄」可是沖繩超營養的食物,據說還是美容聖品,讓殘編覺得意外吃到「綠色魚子醬」,真是賺到了。

English version / 英文版:
The restaurant we went to serves a complimentary cabbage dish for every 4 seafood dishes we order. A single veggie dish is never enough, so we added a “seaweed” ($ 250nt / order). The Seaweed is surprisingly similar to Okinawa’s “undersea treasure,” algae (aka. “sea grapes,” which is said to provide multiple health benefits, one being improving skin condition. To be able to taste a similar “green caviar” by accident is absolutely a steal.

  • 「黑毛魚」($2000)/ “smallscale blackfish” ($ 2000nt)


English version / 英文版:

Now we have shellfish and greens, we’re missing a fish, so we pick a “smallscale blackfish” ($ 2000nt), a kind of fish that feeds mostly on unpolluted seaweeds. The fish is full of flavours when simply steamed.

  • 海產店飲料 / Beverages:


English version / 英文版:
Beverages, including Taiwanese banquet’s favorites: guava juice, orange juice, and black tea, are self-served in the freezer. Tables are traditional tables of a traditional Taiwanese outdoor street-side banquet. They’re not the fanciest, but pretty special for those who want to experience the local side of Taiwan. For travelers, before we defeat Coronavirus, I say definitely add a Taiwanese seafood restaurant to your itinerary and eat your seafood cooked. I’m already missing a working hand and a working leg, I don’t want to be defeated by fish that has none of them but fins.

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