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I’ve mentioned before about how obsessed I am about one-piece dresses, especially when I’m traveling/ to a tropical island. They keep the air flowing down there and provides easy access to washroom emergencies.  I knew Asia in general was relatively more conservative, but I didn’t know it could be that extreme. My summer wardrobe is mostly composed of one-piece dresses after I discovered the conveniences of them. I only decided to purchase my first pair of shorts of the season after being fed up with conservative patients in the hospital who went so far to touch me and pull my dress down without letting me know in advance when they think my dress is too provocative. When it first happened to me I was so angry that I almost suffered another stroke.

殘編之前提過我最愛One piece的小洋裝,因為殘編是個怕熱又熱愛海邊的旅行者。夏天到了,活在台灣這塊熱帶島嶼上,一件式的好處就是下面通風,尿急時候又方便(這對中風生存者真的很中要!)。亞洲相較比較保守這個我本來就知道,可是我從沒想過有這麼極端。自從發現one piece (單件式)的方便後,我的夏季的衣櫃幾乎都換成一件式的小洋裝。讓我下定決心唱開心胸接受今夏的第ㄧ件短褲是因為我真的受夠了醫院裡不認識的人不打一聲招呼就來拉我的裙子,因為他們覺得太曝露!這件事第一次發生在我身上時我真的氣到差一點又中風!



There is a fashion item called “safety pants(安全褲)” in Taiwan, which are mini- shorts worn under dresses and skirts. They are called “safety pants” because they keep you safe by preventing perverts or other people from seeing your under-panties. To me, they look like granny pants so I don’t know how that’s any better than being seen wearing a regular panty or a thong, but in Taiwan they have been very commonly worn by young girls. The people who yank my skirts and dresses probably mean well and are  trying to keep me “safe”, I get it. But invading my privacy and personal space like that is crossing the line.

台灣有一種服裝叫“安全褲”,就是穿在裙子底下的迷你褲。它被稱之為“安全褲” 是因為它可以方止其他人看件你的內褲。殘編個人是不知道被看見小褲褲為什麼會比被看見穿要大不大,要小不小的阿罵內褲好??


I still like to travel light. And that still means one pieces are ideal. Shamefully, with a master’s degree in fashion Design from Milan, I still don’t like mix and matching more than one-piece of fashion item. I hate trouble. My new go-tos are rompers. Not only are they lightweight like a dress, they keep the annoying privacy invaders from touching me!




我的新Tobi 連身褲又輕又好穿!


Pre-matched everything is another solution, saves me the trouble, and that when my matching RUTHIE TAUPE MULTI FLORAL PRINT WRAP SKIRT comes in.

套裝式的是另一個解決方案,他可以免去我搭配衣服的煩惱 !下圖是TOBI一套式的圍群套裝:


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