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All fashion trends go through a stunning phase to a disgusting phase. Just when I was convinced that laces are no longer a wow to but an eww, Tobi‘s Sweet Desire Rose Lace Skater Dress convinced me to give it another chance.

If you’ve been fooled by laces as many times as I have, you know sometimes cheap laces are like hookers and disposable undies. Because they get caught easily in nails, wood, chipped glass, or anything broken. It’s common to rip and destroy them on your first wear; and after a one-night-stand you say good-bye (who wants to be seen in the same outfit, anyway?).

Unlike my other lace junk quickies, this one (Tobi’s Sweet Desire Rose Lace Skater Dress) made it to a second date. Not only because it is simple and doesn’t have any “baggage,” its look shouts out “Summer,” and the weather IS getting hot! It does have some strings attached, but combined with the backless design, they bring out the feminine and sexy. You know some-one (-thing) is right for you when it brings out your better side/best!

Lace is a material for summer. It is designed for women and meant to make you feel feminine & pretty. Ironically, most designs involving laces are also with layers after layers like prom dresses, which could also easily add another five extra pounds on you. Wait, Did I mention that it is a material meant for summer? Imagine running to an emergency washroom break in that.

Summer season is just around the corner, and so is prom! However, if you are shopping for prom, chances are you are under twenty years old, and trust the elder and experienced: You do not want to break the bank to try to impress the quarterback who you’ll probably only sleep with once! Forget his cute face! Like his “pee-nuts;” He’s only worth a disposable panty! And this one is only selling for NTD/New Taiwan Dollars $1268 (I am a stroke survivor, You do the math and Google-converting!) on Tobi. Tobi also hosts occasional sales when you can stock up inventory for the season. But please, do not sleep with the whole football team!
Other looks from Tobi:

If you follow Fashion Ecstasy (@fashionecstasy) or my personal account (@tanya.fashionecstasy) on Instagram. You know I am a beach bum & I travel across the world just to laze on the beach and absorb radiation from different angles of the sun. I have recently moved from Canada to the tropical island of Taiwan and the combination of heat and humidity makes me feel sticky at all times. One-piece outfits are my go-tos because they are easy to wear and they work as a coverup for beaches. Especially now that I suffer from hemiparesis, I could easily put them on with a single arm/hand and the airflow keeps me from overheating under the sun (& infection-free!).

Summer fashion should be fast-fashion, agree? That’s what I thought! But my latest trip to Miami for the Miami Swim Week proved me wrong! Beachwear could be “high-fashion,”too.
, I’m in love with my new Tobi’s Destination Anywhere Olive Surplice Maxi-dress! It’s reasonably priced (NT $1200.97), the material is soft & comfortable and it really is “Destination anywhere”!

More affordable prom dresses & one-piece beachwear from Tobi are available  at:


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