5 Tips on How to Use Fashion to Express Yourself

To express yourself you must first know yourself. This is the first phase before you go out into the fashion centric world looking to express yourself through your fashion statements. In order to use fashion to express yourself properly you have to find your fashion preferences. Everyone is different; however, everyone must find their unique blend of likes and dislikes; from colors and styles, to accessories and more. Here are a few tips to guide you on your journey of self-expression. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but everything takes practice and a little bit of strategy.


Be very opinionated on fabric type, brand names, and sizes. The more options you have the better your chances of finding what you want when shopping. Variety is very useful; however, if you decide to focus on specific brands, sizes, and fabric types then you may come to be an expert shopper. Having experience with these aspects of factions may make shopping for fashion less time consuming and entirely convenient. Everything you know about is typically categorized into the same section under a brand name or size—so everything you need may be in one area.


Colors have meaning and they should be used very wisely. There are different mixtures of colors, match-ups, and shades that you may find yourself browsing through. Expression through color is fun, and yet intriguing because of the endless potential available in merchandize.


You have to have your signature style and various styles for special occasions.

Signature Style– In your signature style you can personalize every inch of your fashion attire. You can invest in customized t-shirts, hand-made jewelry and more. Today there are many companies such as Zip Graphix that sell personalized shirts and sweaters online. This is a fun process as you pick and choose the color and logo of your clothing. Moreover, your signature style is what you are known for, and frequently put together.

Special Occasions– Always have an organized section of clothes, jewelry, etc. just for special occasions. This will save you some time when preparing to go out to a once in a lifetime event. If you plan ahead to purchase items for special occasions as well as your signature style then you feel less clustered by merchandize and more anxious to wear them.


Accessories are vital pieces of importance. From hats to bracelets, watches, and scarves, accessories are extensions of yourself. They are used openly and can be used to show subtle expression in minor and major ways.  Accessories decorate what is the bigger picture, your attire, so they should be chosen slowly and thoughtfully.


Matching your fashion statement with your attitude is entirely a matching game. One size does not always fit all. Because style, color, and accessories do so much for your self-expression—the clothes speak just as loud as the attitude. Go with your current attitude or your aspiring status. For example, if you seek to feel much more glamorous or fancy then dress for the occasion because your outfit will support your desire.

The best tip available to express yourself through fashion, is to be confident in your decisions and embrace them with joy.


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