BOUNCE – The Theatre Centre’s Second Annual Informal Ball

The Theatre Centre’s Second Annual Informal Ball – BOUNCE was held on May 30 at The Theatre Centre’s new location, 1115 Queen Street West.

This year’s gala celebrated The Theatre Centre’s first year in the historic building, which was formerly a Carnegie library and one of Toronto’s historic landmarks.

A total of over $160,000 was raised from BOUNCE 2015 to support The Theatre Centre’s artistic programming & operations including partnerships with over 25 local and international organizations to produce over 4 festivals, over 30 productions and over 1,000 hours of free space for community events.

The evening, hosted by Michael Bradley and Nicole St. Martin, was well attended by notables including Andrew Cash (Davenport MP, Juno award winning singer/songwriter), Olunike Adeliyi (actor, Flashpoint), Megan Bonnell (Toronto-based singer/songwriter), Richard Lambert (BOUNCE committee member and owner of 69 Vintage and The Social Group), Michelle Fidani (Bounce chair), Franco Boni (The Theatre Centre’s artistic & general director), Aislinn Rose (The Theatre Centre’s general manager) and award-winning writer, Nicolas Billon.

For only $300, guests enjoyed a night filled with gourmet food, open bar, entertainment and full-on surprises.

While visual artist JessGo (Jessica Gorlicky) was painting the main auction piece for the night, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres by Parts & Labour, including scallop ceviche, roasted duck breast with orange supremes, fennel and grapefruit on wonton chip, circulated the room.

Food stations by blowfish provided an array of their signature sushi rolls. Vibo prepared polenta with lamb ragu and spring pea risotto with Don Panchego cheese, and Sublime Catering carved whole roast pigs that went completely well with sous vide poached eggs.

A second space located at the back of the main room was where guests found their way to a silent auction, a private show with Christina Serra & Dan Watson, and Linnea Swan; a not your everyday photo booth with celebrity photographer Bronwen Sharp, and Mama Boni (mother of The Theatre Centre’s artistic director, Franco Boni)’s own home-made gnocchi station.

The night got salacious when surprise artist Jess Dobkin popped out of a paper box and had guests strip bills off her body. Some got $5s, some got $20s, I got a $10. Other surprise performances included music by Adam Paolozza with his dad Jules Paolozza, a ballroom dance by teen performers Sharon Tudorovsky and Alex Maslanka, and a late-night strip tease by Love Letters Cabaret.

While some enjoyed Bon Appé cronuts, Regal Candy, Tatangelo’s fruits along with Rufino Espresso to complete the night, others, who were already too satisfied with food, chose to dance the night away.

(photos by T&T)

BOUNCE Gala 2015 – The Theatre Centre’s Second Annual Informal Ball


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