Daybreaker Toronto- Start Your Day with Morning Yoga & Holiday Disco

Have you ever woken up so early to get your yoga and dance on? That’s was exactly what we did last Wednesday morning, on December 7th, 2016, at the Holiday Disco event presented by Daybreaker Toronto at PURSUIT OCR.
What is Daybreaker you ask? It’s a morning movement that started in NYC and has now spread widely around the world that starts your day unlike any other. It is a fusion of dance, fitness, and mischief that turns nightlife upside down for an awakening morning experience. This movement is meant for you to express yourself. It’s about practicing mindfulness and wellness to start your day energized and positive.

I’m not really a morning person, but when I woke up around 5 am,realizing that it’s still dark out, knowing that Holiday Disco runs from 6-9am,made me very anxious.

As I entered the building of PURSUIT OCR, not knowing what to expect, I never felt so welcomed meeting new people. The amazing staff who greeted us with hugs were also dressed as bananas and Christmas lights. Before getting into the venue, we signed waivers for safety precautions then got right on the floor to warm up for some yoga. Before getting into the dance part, there was an intermission for us to wake ourselves up by getting a shot of cold brew coffee, snacking on protein bars, and mingle with new like-minded friends. The walkthrough course of obstacles inevitably brought out our inner children, and it looked like an electic giant playground. With Christmas just around the corner, the event even provided guests with Santa hats to wear to get into the holiday spirit.

The vibe was fun filled with lots of positive energy. There was a ball pit, a swing, a bridge, tire runs, nets to climb, and mini bungee mazes to crawl through. It was like being a kid all over again. A quote on the wall reads, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” T. . DJ Dirty Dale provided entertainment with groovy hits that made everyone want to bust a move and dance like there was no tomorrow.
As we were gathered to come closer together, the staff showered the dance floor with bubbles and balloons. We danced around the saxophone duo who performed in the middle of the dance floor, limboed with a candy cane, and Congo line danced.There were moments to dance for prizes for those who were giving it their all. I didn’t know dancing was so much fun so early in the morning. It made us feel like we had been up all day.

If you like being active and healthy, and meeting new people with positive energy, this is a place for you. I would recommend all friends, family, and YOU here in Toronto to experience Daybreaker and let your inner child out. PURSUIT OCR is located on Dufferin above Queen street. Again, They have a ball pit!



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