Fashion as Art: EXPOSED! @ McMichael Canadian Art Collection


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On June 16, 2012, we had the honour to join Canada’s Fashion and Art elites at the Fashion as Art: EXPOSED! fundraising event in support of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. The event celebrates the fusion of art and fashion with seven of Canada’s leading fashion designers: Joeffer Caoc, Comrags, Greta Constantine, David Dixon, Thien Le, Lucian Matis, and D’arcy Moses.

The evening started with a cocktail reception and dinner party catered by Daniel et Daniel. We were more than satisfied with the gourmet food and drinks they served.

The food we loved:
Cauliflower n’ Waffles prepared with butter milk battered smoked cauliflower,  rosemary waffles, horseradish, pickled cabbage and topped with wild arugula salsa verde.
Honey Ginger Grilled Lamb with Meyer lemon risotto and micro arugula.

The drinks we couldn’t resist:
the Original Ceasar, the “Dirty Designer” prepared with Stoli & dry Vermouth, garnished with olives; the cocktail prepared with Sortilege Canadian Whiskey & Maple Liquer over Perrier.

After dinner, we were invited to go indoors for the main show of the night, hosted by Jeanne Beker. The seven designers accentuated their talents by expressing “Fashion as Art” through outfits that are inspired by the gallery’s famous Group of Seven paintings. We got to witness the unveiling of their one-of-a-kind creations, worn and presented by seven beautiful models, along with Dr.Draw‘s insane violin performance. Our minds were blown away by the pieces. The “Group of Seven” certainly proved that fashion can be artistic.

The night ended perfectly with some cigar tasting and Dolcini‘s amazing bite-size desserts.

Check out the Group of Seven supporters we spotted at the venue:

wearing: Lucian Matis, Lucian Matis
wearing: Lucian Matis, Lucian Matis
wearing: Comrags, Joeffer Caoc, Comrags
wearing: D’arcy Moses

More about McMichael Canadian Art Collection
The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is a gallery devoted to collect Canadian art only, consisting almost 6,000 artworks by Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, their contemporaries, and First Nations, Inuit and other artists who made contributions to Canada’s artistic heritage.
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