Funsiamo Home Kit DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille Open Box Review

Funsiamo HomeKit》手作繽紛手指泡芙 開箱評價/ Funsiamo Home Kit DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille Open Box Review:

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English version / 英文版:
Valentine’s Day, White Valentine’s Day,” “Chinese Valentine’s Day. There are so many Valentine’s Days in a year. How many Valentine’s days do you want to celebrate!?” Someone once snapped at me on one of the many valentine’s days in a year I was looking forward to. But as you all are familiar, I am born a hopeless romantic. In recent years, there has been too much chaos bearing down upon us on this island, dragging us down and sapping all our energies. At times like this, I’m proud to be a hopeless romantic. We could all use some excuse to lift ourselves up. So I seize every opportunity to celebrate: Let alone holidays, I even celebrate every reason I can think of: A one-month milestone of not faceplanting, a week of no bruising, no accidents. It’s my way of creating a little fun in life and letting life take a breather from the depressing times. This year’s White Day, I had a romantic encounter with “FUNSIAMO,” so I did an open box review while spending an unforgettable White Valentine’s Day with my mom.

Funsiamo」的品牌名字取得好又取得妙,「SIAMO義大利文是「在一起」的意思,用於我們(複數)的動詞,「FUN英文是「好玩有趣」的意思,所以「Funsiamo」顧名思義就是「一起好玩」,有製造美好回憶之意。殘編英文義大利文,跟「Funsiamo」剛好在白色情人節即將到來前邂逅,有如命中注定。法國是最浪漫的國家,「éclair」(手指泡芙)是法式料理著名甜點。於是殘編這次白色情人節開箱的正是「Funsiamo自己在家就可以自己動手做手作手指泡芙,這是「FUNSIAMO」「HomeKit居家體驗盒系列商品之一,Funsiamo HomeKit居家體驗盒系列貼心的幫我們準備好商品所需的所有食材,每項食材獨立包裝,份量也都剛剛好,即便沒有烘焙經驗,也可以零失敗率、輕鬆動手做,無需擔心事前的備料準備及事後備料過多的浪費。我們的手指泡芙居家體驗盒裡面附有一張教學步驟,說明簡單、清楚,挺好上手


English version / 英文版:
The founder named its brand with creativity, winning my heart at first sight. “-Siamo” is used first-person plural (we) present for “to be (are)” in Italian. So, “Funsiamo” “As the name implies, means “to have fun together,” which also implies creating unforgettable memories. I just happen to know both the English and Italian languages, so my encounter with “Funsiamo” when White Valentine’s Day was just around the corner feels like fate. France is the most romantic country, and “éclair” is a famous dessert in French cuisine. Therefore, for White Day, we did an openbox for Funsiamo‘s DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille HomeKit for some romance. “Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille” is one of Funsiamo‘s “HomeKitproducts that customers can easily DIY at home. Funsiamo‘s HomeKit line is a series of home kits that includes all ingredients measured to the exact amount needed for the end product. Each ingredient is individually packaged and measured to the required amount, so even customers with no baking experience can easily DIY baking goods with zero failure rate. The kits eliminate the time-consuming preparation process and the excessive waste of ingredients. Funsiamo‘s Home Kit DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille comes with clear step-by-step instructions on making the eclairs.

  • Funsiamo HomeKit繽紛手指泡芙居家體驗盒內容物 / Funsiamo Home Kit DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille’s Content:

Funsiamo居家體驗盒系列繽紛手指泡芙居家體驗盒內容物泡芙粉1包、澳洲芥花油1罐、卡士達粉1包、繽紛泡芙裝飾包(一)1份、繽紛泡芙裝飾包(二)1份、烘焙紙1份、繽紛手指泡芙參考紙 1份、奶油刀一支、擠花袋2個、和手套包1組。自備食材只需飲用水(常溫)27克、雞蛋1顆、及鮮奶160克。

English version / 英文版:
Funsiamo‘s Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille DIY HomeKit includes 1 pack of eclair mix powder, 1 bottle of canola oil, 1 bag of custard powder, decoration package #1, and decoration package #2, 1 sheet of baking paper, 1 eclair shape guide, 1 butter knife, 2 piping bags, and 1 set of gloves. You only need 27 grams of drinking water (room temperature), 1 egg, and 160 grams of fresh milk are the only ingredients you need to prepare on your own.

  • Funsiamo HomeKit繽紛手指泡芙居家體驗盒製作步驟&方法 / Funsiamo Home Kit DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille Preparation Instructions:

  1. 烤箱預熱進行預熱30分鐘上下溫控式烤箱上火調至上火210°C、下火160°C,
  2. 麵糊製作
    (1) 將飲用水(常溫)27克於鋼盆中
  3. 泡芙成形:
    (2) 剪開麵糊擠花袋洞口約1公分,依據參考紙形狀擠出形狀
    (3) 完成後將參考紙抽出
  4. 烤焙:
  5. 卡士達餡製作
  6. 泡芙填餡
  7. 裝飾
    (1) 將裝飾包(一)中的3罐巧克力放入熱水浸泡約10分鐘至完全融化
    (2) 將巧克力擠在泡芙上方
    (3) 將裝飾包(二)中的裝飾物撒在泡芙裝飾
  8. 巧克力凝固後即可食用

English version / 英文版:

  1. For ovens with dual temperature controls, preheat for 30 minutes. The upper to 210°C and lower to 160°C.
    For Single-temperature ovens, preheat to 180°C. Air fryers are not recommended.
  2. Making the batter:
    (1) Put 27 grams of drinking water (room temperature) in a steel basin
    (2) Put the eclair mix powder, 1 egg, and the canola oil into the batter bowl, use an egg beater and mix thoroughly, and then place the mix into the first piping bag
  3. Eclair forming:
    (1) Lay the eclair shape guide flat on the baking tray and place the baking sheet over it
    following the shape of the eclair shape guide.
    (3) Take out the reference paper when finished
  4. Bake:
    (1) Insert the baking tray with the ingredients in the middle layer of the oven, set the temperatures according to the temperature in step 1 for 18 minutes until the eclairs rise and are slightly coloured.
    (2) Adjust the oven temperatures to 150°C for both the upper heat lower heat, and bake for another12~16 minute until the eclairs are all slightly coloured
    Note: Keep the oven door shut at all times during the process; otherwise, the eclairs may collapse.
  5. Making custard filling:
    Weigh 160 grams of fresh milk, add custard powder, stir evenly with a spatula, and put it in a squeeze bag for later use
  6. Custard filling:
    After the eclairs are out of the oven and cooled, use the butter knife to cut open from the side and squeeze the custard filling in the middle
    Tip: If the results are crooked and the eclairs are unable to stand up straight, you can slightly cut the bottom until flat
  7.  Decoration
    (1) Soak the 3 bottles of chocolate in decoration bag #1 in hot water for about 10 minutes until completely melted
    (2) Squeeze the chocolate over the eclairs
    (3) Sprinkle the decorations in decoration bag #2 on the eclairs and decorate.
  8. Serve!
  • Funsiamo HomeKit繽紛手指泡芙居家體驗盒製作感想 / Funsiamo Home Kit DIY Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille Open Box Review:


English version / 英文版:
Funsiamo‘s Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille DIY HomeKit is straightforward and fun to make. Although the clear instructions and carefully prepared ingredients should result in zero failure rate. However, we are one disabled and one elderly baking, so the result is kind of an epic fail. My mom has a weak stomach. In Funsiamo‘s Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille Homekit‘s custard filling making, there is no sterilization process such as heating or other sterilization process in the instructions. We omit this step to avoid a romantic White Valentine’s Day turning into a “cramping brown Valentine’s Day” spent in the washroom. This could also be why our eclairs turned out as disabled as me.

  • Funsiamo HomeKit繽紛手指泡芙居家體驗盒開箱總評價 / Funsiamo Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille DIY Home KitOpen Box Review in a Nutshell:

Funsiamo HomeKit繽紛手指泡芙居家體驗盒包裝完整、製作教學過程簡單、明瞭,是很適合闔家親子同樂情侶一起玩,是能增添生活小情趣增進感情商品

English version / 英文版:
Funsiamo‘s Assorted Chocolate Éclair Vanille DIY Home Kit is complete in packaging, and the instructions are straightforward. Funsiamo‘s HomeKit line is a series of fun and thoughtful kits suitable for couples, families, and parent-child to spend quality time at home.


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