An Introduction to French Cuisine and its History / 法國料理的介紹及歷史演變

An Introduction to French Cuisine and its History / 法國料理的介紹及歷史演變

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You all know I am a foodie, a food critic. Based on my knowledge of food,  I can legitimately call myself a food snob. I enjoy exploring new restaurants and trying out new cuisines. Most importantly, to share with our Fashion Ecstasy fans. However, due to the pandemic, nobody is safe anywhere on this shytty island anymore. It is still not safe to eat out. So instead of putting my own life and others at risk, I’ll be introducing you to some knowledge and history of all kinds of cuisines, starting with my favourite: French Cuisine.

中文版 / Chinese version:
時尚高潮粉絲們應該都熟知殘編不但是個吃貨。 即便殘障疫情爆發前我還是天天跑出去到處探索新餐廳、嘗試新美食。 主要也是因為身為主編的我背負著要與粉絲讀者們分享評價的任務。 但是新冠病毒疫情爆發後又大流行的狀況下,我們幾乎都受制於這座狹隘的島嶼,沒有人在任何地方是安全的。 出去吃飯、在外用餐還是不安全的。 因此,與其將我自己和他人的生命置於危險之中,我在防疫期間將向您介紹各種美食知識歷史,從我最喜歡的:「法國料理」開始吧!

  • What is French Cuisine? An Introduction to French Cuisine / 什麼是「法式料理」?

French Cuisine is the most well-known and inspired by Cuisine in the world.
In 2010, French Cuisine was added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO.
French people are very respectful to their Cuisine as other arts such as painting, literature and theatre. They consider food as high art,Haute Cuisine.” Hence, the freshest and the best ingredients are used in cooking.

中文版 / Chinese version:
法國人非常尊重他們的美食,就如尊重他們的繪畫、文學和戲劇等其他藝術一樣。 他們將食物視為高級藝術,「高級美食」一詞就此誕生。 因此,在烹飪中,法國人會使用最新鮮和最好的食材

  • 3 Essential characteristics of French Cuisine / 法國菜最核心的3個特點:

The essential characteristics of French Cuisine are:

  1. The technique (Timing and Certain Quantity)
  2.  fresh ingredients
  3. Beautiful Presentation


中文版 / Chinese version:

  1. 技術(時間和一定數量)
  2. 新鮮食材
  3. 精美的擺盤
  • A Brief History of French Cuisine /法國料理的歷史:

France was a kingdom in the past. So, there was rich regional cuisines dependant on the central government. The royalty learned recipes from these regional cuisines, implemented them and made them more upscale. Luxury and show-off were the characteristics of the royal Cuisine.

An Introduction to French Cuisine and its History - 法國料理的介紹及歷史演變-3
palace kitchen royal table in French cuisine

中文版 / Chinese version:
法國過去是一個王國。 因此,豐富的地方美食依賴中央政府的青睞。而皇室成員也從這些地方美食中學習食譜,加以實施並使其更加高檔。「奢華」和「炫耀」是皇家美食的特點。

  • ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ / 「他們吃蛋糕」

    An Introduction to French Cuisine and its History - 法國料理的介紹及歷史演變
    Queen Marie Antoinette / 瑪麗安東妮王后(瑪麗王后)

• It is said that Louis XVI‘s wife, Austrian origin Queen Marie Antoinette, introduced croissants to France by saying “Let Them Eat Cake.” Antoinette learned that the peasants couldn’t find bread to eat while the nobles were living a luxurious life, ignoring the poorness of the people and said “Let Them Eat Cake.” Some say that she didn’t say “cake.” Instead, she used the word “brioche,” a kind of delicious French bread.
So some believe that the French Revolution started due to people’s reaction against poorness and starvation.

中文版 / Chinese version:
據説,法國國王路易十六奧地利籍的的妻子瑪麗安東妮王后瑪麗王后)從維也納來到法國後,在得知貴族過著奢侈的生活,而農民及貧民則過著連麵包都吃不到的生活,她目睹貴族無視人民的貧窮時,將牛角麵包 (croissant)引入法國,並說:「讓他們吃蛋糕」。
有些人相信瑪麗王后當時並不是說「蛋糕」,而是用「布里歐(Brioche)」一詞。布里歐 (Brioche)是一種美味的法式麵包

Poorness makes a cuisine more explorative, pushes people to discover edible and tasty ingredients. The rich then further develop these recipes and makes them more refined.
French Cuisine developed with different social layers, including the noble luxury kitchen, bourgeois contributions, and peasants’ raw materials.

中文版 / Chinese version:
貧窮使菜餚更具探索性,促使人們到處發現可食用的美味食材。 然後再由富人進一步開發這些食譜並使其更加精緻。

• During the Medieval Age in France, all food was served simultaneously and eaten by hand. Consecutive course-serving habit came later. The order of soup followed by mains, fruits, drinks, and even the napkins and tablecloth materials all started under the influence of an Iraqi polymath artist nicknamed “Ziryab” during the Islam in Spain era. At that age, the French preferred spicy dishes with sauces.
People nowadays are sip wines paired with each bite of duck confit or foie gras; take a sip of champagne with a bite of caviar, but what you don’t know is back then, beer was the most consumed drink. Wine was also consumed, however not as much as beer.

中文版 / Chinese version:
從前的法國料理跟現在的截然不同,在法國的中世紀時期,所有食物都是同時上桌並用手食用的。 一道菜一道菜上桌,以及前湯、主食、水果、飲料的順序排列,甚至餐巾桌布質料等用餐的品味和順序等,都是受當時被阿拉伯統治西班牙一位綽號是「黑鳥」(Ziryab)的伊拉克音樂藝術家影響,後來才出現的。 在那個年代,法國人偏愛淋醬汁的辛辣菜餚
現在的人都是一小口油封鴨或鵝肝配一口紅酒、一口魚子醬、抿一口香檳,但您有所不知的是,當時啤酒才是消費最多的飲料。 葡萄酒也被消費,但不如啤酒多。

Different kinds of pastries were served with various meat dishes. The presentation and plating were crucial since then. Exaggerated table decorations were popular. An example is swans and peacocks, which were the main dishes on the tables. They cooked the swans and placed the feathers back on the birds when served.

an example of

An Introduction to French Cuisine and its History - 法國料理的介紹及歷史演變-5
An example of a swan served with its feathers placed back in French Cuisine /

中文版 / Chinese version:
不同種類的糕點搭配各種肉類菜餚。 從那時起,擺盤法國料理就已至關重要。 誇張的餐桌裝飾很受歡迎。 一個當時常見的例子是天鵝孔雀,這兩種鳥類為法國以前餐桌上的常見的主菜。 他們會先將天鵝孔雀肉煮熟後,擺盤上菜時再將羽毛插回鳥身上。








To be continued / 未完待續。。。


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