0 Failure Super Easy 2-Ingredient Oreo Ice-cream TikTokViral Cake Recipe / 2樣食材零失敗OREO奧利奧冰淇淋蛋糕 – 殘編自創抖音爆紅食譜

0 Failure Super Easy 2-Ingredient Oreo Ice-cream TikTok Viral Cake Recipe / 2樣食材零失敗OREO奧利奧冰淇淋蛋糕 – 殘編自創抖音爆紅食譜:

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So I know I’m super late to the TikTok viralOreo cake game,” but as you all know, I’m very health-conscious when it comes to eating. Plus, there’s just something in whole milk that makes me puke. So I’ve been dying to try the 2-ingredient Oreo cake with skim milk, but skim milk is nowhere to be found in Taiwan. No jokes, we don’t sell skim milk in Taiwan. Your only best bet is Costco, where you find yourself in a gigantic freezer freezing your ass off while looking for your product, and there’s no guarantee you would find your product either. They might not be in stock.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
殘編知道現在才跟風玩抖音爆款的「OREO奧利奧蛋糕簡單食譜已經慢了,但眾所皆知,我吃東西時超注重健康。而且殘編只要喝到全脂牛奶就會想吐。所以即便我一直很想跟風做做看只需 2種成分就能做的OREO奧利奧蛋糕如果換成用脫脂牛奶會不會成功,但因為台灣找不到脫脂牛奶。西方世界脫脂牛奶,甚至1%牛奶、2%奶都非常普遍。超市、飲料店、雜貨店處處可見。但在台灣好像除了Costco好市多)外,沒有看到其他地方有賣脫脂牛奶。在Costco買牛奶也是一種挑戰,要在超大的冷凍櫃慢慢找您想找的商品。在裡面可以看到老弱婦孺不停顫抖叫冷。但是身為加拿大人的我到了賣場冰庫門口會挺起胸膛、大喊:「咖咖爹摳以」(日文:「かかってこい」,電玩格鬥遊戲常出現的開場語,意旨:「放馬過來吧!」但是即便到了COSTCO如果沒庫存,也不能保證你能找到脫脂牛奶


So I decided to get creative and substitute a yogurt product labelled with “no added sugar,” which we all know is BS. If you’ve tried natural sugar-free yogurt, you know it’s super sour. We use to make our own back in the Middle East, which I shared on our Youtube channel here:

中文版 / Chinese Version:
殘家只有兩殘,所以沒有好市多會員卡。所以殘編決定發揮創意並用便利商店就找得到、標著「無加糖」的「自然零」優格替代。但其實我們都知道,標榜「無加糖」都是 P。 如果您吃過天然無糖酸奶的人都知道它超級酸。 我們過去在中東時常常自己動手做,殘編之前也有將製作方法分享在時尚高潮的 Youtube 頻道上:


Starbucks‘ “Skinny Cappucino used to be an essential part of my day-to-day diet. I couldn’t start my day without one. If you think I’m shytting you, this painting I painted at Show 233 Paint Studio, which I’ve introduced you to before in this post, proves me genuine. The painting shows that the last thing I remember before my hemorrhagic stroke was craving a nice cup of Skinny Cappuccino from Starbucks. Since we don’t have skim milk in Taiwan, Starbucks in Taiwan doesn’t sell fat-free products either, so sadly, I had to cut that out of my diet after relocating.

(My abstract work (shy))

中文版 / Chinese Version:
星巴克的「 Skinny Cappucino」(脫脂卡布奇諾) 曾經是我日常飲食最重要的部分。 早上或飯後不來一杯我就無法開始或繼續我的一天。 我知道這時您可能覺得我在「P」,但當您看之前上面跟粉絲們介紹過這幅我在秀之藝術魚藏文化館Show233 Paint Studio 畫的畫就證明殘編的真誠。 這幅畫表明,在我腦出血中風前記得的最後一件事就是想著:「好想來一一杯星巴克美味脫脂卡布奇諾啊!」。 遺憾的是因為台灣找不到脫脂牛奶台灣星巴克也不賣脫脂產品,所以搬來台灣後我不得不把我最愛的星巴克從我的飲食中戒掉。

I pretty much cut trans fat out of my diet since I aced my nutrition course because I know how much damage it causes to your body. And the extra creamy layer filling in each Oreo cookie just seems a bit excessive to me. So I wanted to try a healthy version with them all scraped out and see if it would still work.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
自從殘編營養學滿分畢業後就從飲食中將反式脂肪戒掉了,因為我知道它對我們人體的傷害有多大。 因此,即便只需要幾片OREO,每片奧利奧餅乾中間的那層奶油夾心對我來說似乎有點多餘。 所以我想試試看如果把中間夾層都刮掉的話,是否還能成功做出健康一點的OREO蛋糕

With no baking experience or knowledge, I tried it for fun with no expectations. But we all know yogurt loses its health benefits once you heat it, so instead of baking it, I thought, why not try and see if I could make a cold dessert with no baking required out of it. Who knows? My original recipe turned out to be a pretty damn tasty Oreo Icecream cake, and here is my recipe. You’re welcome!

中文版 / Chinese Version:
在完全沒有烘焙經驗或專業知識下,反正疫情在家閒著也是閒著,我就像個玩食物的小屁孩,毫無期望地嘗試一下。 但我們都知道酸奶一旦加熱就會除去他對人體健康的益處,所以殘編想與其烘烤它,不如試試看我是否可以將它製作成無需烘培冷甜點。 結果出乎意料, 我竟創作出出其不意的零失敗超簡單美味OREO奧利奧冰淇淋蛋糕食譜!以下分享給粉絲們, 別客氣!

  • 0 Failure Super Easy 2-Ingredient Oreo Ice-cream Cake Recipe / 2樣食材零失敗OREO奧利奧冰淇淋蛋糕食譜 :

  • Ingredients / 材料 :
  1. Oreo cookies – 8
  2. sugar-free yogurt – 100ml
  3. freezer – 1

中文版 / Chinese Version:

  1. OREO奧利奧餅乾 – 8片
  2. 無糖酸奶 – 100ml
  3. 冷凍庫 – 1個
  • Instructions / 步驟:
  1. scrape out all the filling in each Oreo cookie
  2. add 100ml of sugar-free yogurt and 8 Oreo cookie (without the filling) in a bowl and mix well
  3. place the mixture on top of a bed of ice and send it into the freezer
  4. wait overnight
  5. serve!

中文版 / Chinese Version:

  1. 將每片奧利奧餅乾中間的所有夾心內餡刮掉
  2. 在碗中倒入100毫升無糖酸奶以及剛剛8片不含餡料的奧利奧餅乾攪拌均勻
  3. 將裝著食材的器皿放在一層冰塊上,然後送入冰箱冷凍庫
  4. 在冷凍庫放置隔夜
  5. 上桌享用!

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