Jake Sherman Exhibit at Nuvango Gallery-Scotiabank CONTACT Photography

On Friday, May 7, 2016, Nuvango Gallery hosted an exclusive media preview of the Jake Sherman exhibition, I’m New Here. Sherman, who is a born and bred Toronto photographer, shared his experience with guests the concept of his exhibition showcasing travels far and wide. As part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, I’m New Here displays large scale prints and colorful wheatpastes bringing together street, documentary, and conceptual photography.

guests of Jake Sherman exibition's media opening night preview
Guests of Jake Sherman exibition’s media opening night preview

When asked what his favorite photograph was, Sherman said it was the black and white photo with the man taking a selfie called “Trust Issues”. It was taken in LACMA: Los Angeles Museum of Art featuring Chris Burden’s sculpture. When asked why it was his favorite, Sherman said he really likes the contrast, that there is so much going on in the photo for your eyes to take in when you look at it. The subject knew when Sherman was behind him when he took the picture; it was an interesting moment for sure. With the composition of the sculptures in the background and the way the man is posed holding his phone in one hand and carrying his cane in the other had this nice line of action that leads your eye, especially with the design on his sweater that reads “DON’T TRUST ANYONE”. It added a nice touch that gave the viewer a sense of anonymity and a feel for the illuminati.

(photos by Paul)

There are two processes for each photograph in the gallery that Jake Sherman has done differently. One is done in large-scale prints and the other is done with wheatpasting. For those unfamiliar with wheatpasting, wheatpasting is generally used to post up images and advertisements in the streets, a quick, easy, and cheap way to paste images on the wall. Since there is a limit to how big a printer can print an image on a single sheet of paper, a good way to execute the desirable size is to print on multiple strips and piece them together to make a whole picture in a seamless fashion.

Also, when observing this exhibition, guests will notice that there aren’t any captions on the walls and this is due to Sherman’s intent of leaving his viewers open to interpretation with clues of certain landmarks that were captured in Cuba, LA, Thailand, Vietnam and Toronto.

Started as GelasSkins, Nuvango originated back to making iPod covers in 2005, a hot new device at the time. After observing how scratched up their iPod’s appeared to be after a friend’s wedding in Kingston, Drew Downs and Jamie Pichora created their own line of iPod protectors. Drew and Jamie began manufacturing artist-designed covers for smartphones and laptops.

Fast forward to today, Nuvango produces great products and artworks created in-house by a team of art lovers who work together to showcase their favorite art pieces by artists from around the world.

nuvango fashion and cellphone products
Nuvango fashion and cellphone products

Nuvango launched its retail store in July 2015 on 639 Queen St. West in the cusp of the art of fashion district. The shop has two unique floors with the main floor showcasing its fashion and home décor products, and the second floor being a gallery space filled with original artworks. The gallery hosts shows and events focusing on visual, musical, and performance art that compliment the space. To give back to the artistic community, Nuvango has also launched programs to help young artists start their business.

Nuvango website: https://www.nuvango.com

Jake Sherman website: http://www.jakeshermanmedia.com

Jake Sherman’s exhibition at the Nuvango Gallery is open to the public until May 31st from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Come by and experience life through his eyes.



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