Kiza Toronto African Restaurant- More than Just African Food

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Kiza Toronto is an authentic African restaurant that will make you feel like a home away from home. Toronto is the third location Kiza has opened its doors to the world to get a taste of the real Africa, with the first location in Dubai and the second in Kenya, Africa. Kiza provides not just African food, but an African experience as a whole.

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Having traveled to over 45 countries, one region that has remained on my list is Southern Africa. I’m an adventurer; I like nature and getting close to animals. I’d rather get eaten by a hippopotamus than to have not seen a hippopotamus at all in my life. One of my biggest regrets (if any) is not to have traveled to Southern Africa. Kiza completes my dream.




Kiza Toronto African Restaurant Tasting review
Kiza Toronto African Restaurant

Chinese food can be very different cuisines, depending on the region. Kiza Toronto combines all African Cuisine into one.

At Kiza, one can taste African food from four different regions in Africa (North, South, East, and West). The word “Kiza” itself means “different things” in Africa.




We are given an iPad menu after being seated at the restaurant. The bar is a lot bigger and brighter than I would’ve imagined, the dining area is spacious, too. A few African art pieces hang on the walls, giving the space a whole new atmosphere.




First floor is for dining and lounging, they also have a second-floor space dedicated to hosting events and dancing. Kiza tells us that they host African celebrities regularly; we brushed shoulders with Ali Kiba, an East African artist when we arrived.


一樓是一個無壓力的空間,供客人用餐聊天、小酌, 二樓空間專門辦活動,也供興致來潮的客人放鬆跳舞,充分展現自我的空間 。這裡除了飢餓的覓食者,也是非洲大明星愛出入的場所。我們造訪時居然還跟非洲的大明星ALIKIBA擦身而過呢!

To keep the community close and lively, Kiza hosts events like Tuesday movie nights where they show different movies from around Africa, Wednesdays are “Queens Nights where diners can enjoy a three-course meal with wine pairing like a queen.

Thursday nights are 2-for-1 date nights where two can dine for the price of one.

Wednesdays and Thursdays they have live DJs coming to spin







週三和週四各有LIVE DJ現場播放音樂

  • The Food(食物):


Kiza Toronto African Restaurant tasting & review
from top to bottom, left to right:
Kiza salad, Kele Wele, Kiza peri peri shrimp, beef suya, tilapia

We started with the Kiza salad with mixed leaves, mango and shallots drizzled with Kiza’s lemon and mango dressing.

Kiza peri peri shrimp was one of our favourites, the sauce is just hot enough to give the grilled shrimp a little kick on the butt, Tilapia Fish fillet is another one of our favourites. Two fish fillets are served on a bed of yellow jallof rice, topped with red stew, which is eventually mixed into the rice and adds enough flavours to the fish. Give me a bowl of rice and I can demolish both plates in a second.

Kele Wele is their overly ripe Plantain seasoned with chilli and ginger with just the right amount of chewiness and not overly mushy.

Beef suya and chicken suya are thin strips of meat cooked well done the same way, served with a few slices of onions and tomatoes and a flavorful suya powder on the side. They both have that jerky texture and make a great snack to chew on while having a conversation.



Perri perri蝦」是我們最喜歡的兩道菜之一,微辣的醬汁跟BBQ烤出來得蝦子非常搭也非常提味。

Tilapia (羅非魚)是我們最喜歡的另一道菜。羅非魚是一種非洲鲫鱼,兩大片魚搭配JALLOF(俗稱:「非洲飯」),上面再擺上一大坨番茄莎莎,食用時莎莎醬與米飯混合,給這道菜十足的味道。


Kele Wele」是成熟的煎煮,添加辣椒和生薑調味,食用時帶一點嚼勁,而不是呈糊稠狀。害怕「溝溝」食物的朋友不用擔心喔!



Kiza Toronto restaurant provides not just African cuisine, but the whole African cultural experience. You will be able to feel the vibe once you set foot into that restaurant. Kiza Toronto experience is a community that makes one feel like “home away from home.”


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