Petite & Sweet Launches Sophisticated Sweet Tooth Customizable Candy Gift Boxes

On Wednesday, January 21, Fashion Ecstasy was kindly invited to celebrate the launch of Petite & Sweet’s Sophisticated Sweet Tooth, a line of customizable candy gift boxes. These gift boxes feature eight diverse themes, two different sizes (small and large), and a huge assortment of chocolates and sweets that would make Willy Wonka’s heart flutter! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, these Sophisticated Sweet Tooth gift boxes make the perfect present for the holidays. Since Petite & Sweet can also customize the decorative sleeves for the boxes, the Sophisticated Sweet Tooth boxes are highly versatile and easily accessible gifts for any demographic and occasion, even if the occasion is indulging one’s sweet tooth.

The event space at the Petite & Sweet office was the venue for this intimate launch party. True to Petite & Sweet’s trademark whimsical and elegant brand, there was a sweets table that featured a two foot tall macaron tower (red velvet, raspberry, chocolate, and caramel flavoured) surrounded by lots of pink and red candies and confections, such as jelly beans, mini sour watermelons, and mini vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting. Pusateri’s provided the catering for the evening and served refreshing spring rolls, mango chicken, and satchels of goat cheese encrusted with pistachios. DJ Joseph played a great selection of chill lounge music while throwing in some dance-worthy beats throughout the evening.
Each of the Sophisticated Sweet Tooth boxes that were displayed at the party had multiple themes, such as You Dog, You (for the dog lovers) and Prim and Proper (a great gift for those who enjoy the finer things in life). The Gone Tropic box received a very positive response from the guests because of the delicious and vast selection of candies and cute pineapple decorative box sleeve. Inside the Gone Tropic box (large version) included golden sixlets, champagne bubble gumdrops, mango gummy bears, and berry lemonade feet. The X to my O box (large version) featured hot cinnamon hearts, cherry gummy bears, wild cherry rings, bright red sixlets, and hot gummy lips.
Of course, these are just examples of versatility and user friendliness behind the Sophisticated Sweet Tooth boxes. As explained to me by Cheryl Martin, the event designer for Petite & Sweet, these boxes are also a work in progress. “Every season, we’ll be launching a new collection,“ she said. These new collections include a floral collection and a blogger-designer collaboration on a line of these specialty candy gift boxes. Another noteworthy fact is that these boxes will be sold at all three Toronto Pusateri’s locations.
About Petite & Sweet
Petite & Sweet is Toronto’s first event & lifestyle boutique spread across two floors. They specialize in specialty sweet tables, gift-wrapping, and bakery. For more information on Petite & Sweet, please visit their website at

(photos by Sari)


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