Samsung Home Innovation Showroom Launch – Sep 2-25

FE was invited to the preview for the Samsung Home Innovation Showroom, which features the latest in Samsung‘s home appliances. The showroom is divided into living spaces including three kitchens: the Samsung Chef Collection, which was inspired by Michelin-starred chefs, the Samsung Black Stainless Steel collection, which showed sophistication and sexiness, and the Samsung Innovation, featuring the latest in design.

genevieve gorder and glen peloso
Genevieve Gorder and Glen Peloso

Highlights of the Samsung Chef Collection were the fridge that has a built-in SodaStream feature, where one can choose either sparkling or regular water and extra compartments that can become either a freezer or a refrigerator, an induction range with virtual flame technology that heats the bottom of a pot but not the range itself, and a dishwasher with WaterWall technology that is extremely quiet at 40 decibels.

Samsung Black Stainless Steel offers a new elegant look to typical stainless steel and without the problem of fingerprints. The fridge has drawers with separate temperature controls that can be adjusted from -1 to +5 degrees Celsius.

samsung stainless steel kitchenware
Samsung Black Stainless Steel Collection

Samsung Innovation had a gas cooktop combined with an electric oven.

The Samsung Activewash Washer and Dryer is unique with the washer having a built-in sink for pre-treatments for garments.

The Samsung 9100 Washer and Dryer have the largest dryer capacity in the market at 9 cu. ft., giving room for two king-size comforters in it for a thirty-minute supercycle wash.

Samsung 9100 Washer and Dryer home innovation showroom toronto
Samsung 9100 Washer and Dryer

The Samsung Cyclone Force Vacuum has a remote control and is able to clean homes efficiently.

HGTV‘s noted interior designer, Genevieve Gorder, was a special guest, and she did a presentation on current and upcoming design trends. She said that 2015 is the year of Nordic style, with wood being a balance for technology. Colour palettes and shades of white, black, greys will dominate. Black and white patterns, brass hardware and textures with braids in rugs, chunky macrame and beads will also be in trend. Her forecast for 2016 includes the reemergence of Detroit with steel and creative chic style. For 2017, she sees Cuba as a trend with tropical colours, especially peacock blue, green and flamingo pink along with palm leaf prints and tile.

genevieve gorder
Genevieve Gorder

Other guests included GY Seo, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Canada and interior designer Glen Peloso.

The Samsung Home Innovation Showroom is located at 435 King St W. and is open seven days a week from Sept 2nd to 25th with weekends featuring special Farm Fresh Experiences with local chef, Kathleen Mackintosh.

(photos by Tanya)


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