Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers 2016 Bridal Jewellery Collection Preview & Trend Forecast

Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers 2016 Bridal Jewellery Collection Preview & Trend Forecast

For the first time ever, Toronto’s leading bespoke jeweler Samuel Kleinberg opened their jewellery chest for an exclusive media & VIP preview. Guests of the event enjoyed privilege shopping up to 60% off while snacking on hors d’oeuvres provided by Encore Catering. The low-key, high-end store has been putting the finishing touches on Toronto’s elite since 1968. Using high-quality materials and a unique “Kleinberg process”, the brand has gained high-loyalty customers and has established itself as a leader in the industry.

joseph spencer of say yes to the dress and samuel kleinberg jewellers designer melissa spivak
Joseph Spencer of Say Yes to The Dress and designer Melissa Spivak

Celebrity guest, Joseph Spencer of Say Yes To The Dress, was on site at the event to reveal the bridal collection that he carefully curated for Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers. The collection includes pearls, blue sapphire gems, and of course, lots of sparkly diamonds with the $300,000 statement necklace being the main attraction. According to designer Melissa Spivak, jewellery is a major statement of personal style. “Jewellery is taking centre as the main focal point of an outfit and is getting a lot of attention on celebrities and notables,” said Spivak.

Bridal jewellery selection can be very stressful as it is a big investment, for brides and brides-to-be who are losing it, Joseph Spencer has a few tips and trends to share.

A custom piece is a great way to start off; it defines one’s personal style, and complementary baubles can be built from there. Whether to go classic or trendy all depends on the wedding size and venue. A grand ballroom wedding calls for crazy statement pieces and an outdoor wedding makes a nice backdrop for dainty feminine blings.

For the coming year 2016, Spencer shares the top 6 jewellery trends:

1. Flower Power
2016’s bridal look is all about celebrating femininity. Expect to see lots of florals, from floral appliques and lace on wedding gowns, to floral motifs in jewellery.

Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers 2016 Jewellery collection

2. Vintage Classics
Inspiration from the 70s and the 20s adds a touch of romance, which also contributes to the 2016 feminine bridal look. So go ahead and steal those pieces from your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box. Don’t be afraid to mix them with a few modern touches. Use them in creative ways such as turning a vintage brooch as a headpiece. Just be careful not to poke yourself.

3. All That Glitters is Gold
Bold, yellow gold is making a comeback in 2016, softer rose and white golds are to follow. Black will add a contrast.

4. Rope It In
Strands, ropes and chains are a smart way to add layers without the bulk. A great look is strings of pearls layered with ropes of soft metal that drapes down a deep V neckline, which will also be big in 2016’s bridal fashion.

5. Make A Statement
Drama, drama, drama, isn’t it what weddings are all about? An art deco piece or a jeweled headpiece can complete this look. How about a finger with a stack of diamond rings? If you can afford it, that is.

6. All in the Details
No more boring wedding bands, you don’t see them around anymore anyway. Choose one with detailed craftsmanship and design and incorporate twist shanks/split shanks into it.

(photos by Terrence)

Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers 2016 Bridal Jewellery Collection Preview & Trend Forecast


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